Flowergram VI

Flower Series 1

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Flower Series 2

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Flower Series 3

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Flower Series 4

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Flower Series Possibilities

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Life is a sketch book.

Each day starts with a blank page.

The palette is up to you.


What color are kisses?

My love brought me a banana split bouquet!

Enjoying impromptu affection,

~ Kimby

Flowergram V

Hi there!  I was going through some photos from earlier this year and ran across this one — a flower garden that I happened upon one fine, sunny day.  (Photo taken out of my car window at a stop sign!)

It made me think… even though autumn gets a lot of acclaim, summer has its profusion of colors, too.

Actually, every season leaves a calling card.  The important thing is to notice… and carry a camera in your car whenever possible. :)

Wishing you a colorful day!

Enjoying a little post-summer beauty,

~ Kim

Mini Flowergram and A Surprise Bouquet

Surprise!  This Mini Flowergram comes with a bouquet of awards…

In June, I received not one, not two, not three, but four awards from Claudia of The Wandering Youth.



Claudia is an artist and poet whose “illustrated thoughts” beautify my world.  (Check out her stunning artwork!)  She enjoys everything from fashion to making smoothies and I know you’ll enjoy her combination of words and art.  Thanks very much, Claudia!

In July, another surprise arrived — Becoming Madame gave me the One Lovely Blog Award, too.  I’m feeling twice blessed — thank you!

Becoming Madame writes about life in Paris (how lovely is that?) and it’s a pleasure to read her musings on French cooking, the City of Light and Love, and more.  (Click on the links to see for yourself!)

Last, but not least, Chocolate Chip Uru bestowed a double honor upon me this weekend:

CCU’s blog, Go Bake Yourself, is a treat to read — not only because she creates out of this world ice cream flavors and baked goods, but because she also writes with an imaginative flair.  (I especially enjoy CCU’s Undercover series — fun stuff!)

Again, thank you lovely ladies, for the sweet surprises!  Before I commence with the pleasantries, here are the “rules”…

1)  Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2)  Share 7 things about yourself.

3)  Nominate (approximately) 15 other blogs you enjoy.

4)  Let each nominee know you chose them.

5)  Participation is optional; if you don’t care to pass along the award(s), that’s fine.

While I’m figuring out the logistics, here are 7 random facts about me:

*   I’m a picker-upper — clothing that’s fallen off hangers in stores, trash (within reason), etc. — if it doesn’t belong on the ground, I put it where it belongs.  Plus, bending over is good exercise!

*  I listen to 1960′s hits because the music is upbeat and I can still remember most of the words. ;)

*  The Man Of Few Words was shocked when I volunteered to clean fish for the rest of the season.  (I’m serious about improving my knife skills!)

*  I once weighed 198 pounds, but after walking 6 miles a day for almost a year, I lost 50 pounds.  I’ve maintained that weight (or pretty close to it) for 13 years now.

*  Every November, I don my wedding dress on our anniversary.  (Bonus fact:  I like the word “don.”)

*  I enjoy playing pool because it involves physics.

*  Naps make eminent sense to me… zzzzzzz.

Okay, I did the math and 7 awards times 15 nominees equals 105 links.  Hmm...  Much as I’d like to dispense that many awards, I simply have to draw the line.  (Please don’t interpret that as being ungrateful!)  Instead, I’ve decided to share them with the incredible women who have been instrumental in encouraging my writing.  Enjoy!

1)  chocolate for breakfast.  Sue Ann Gleason not only has a lovely blog, she has a way of making you feel lovely.  Sue Ann appreciates her readers and engages with them regularly — such fun!

2)  The Busy Hedonist – Tracey Ceurvels is a food writer and novelist, as well as a friend who makes me feel “at home” every time I visit her blog.  And for heaven’s sake, try her recipes!

3)  Kathleen Prophet unleashes the artistic side of me and expands my Universe to consider alternate perspectives.  Playful, fun, spontaneous… because of this forward (and inner) looking woman, I just may add “artist” to my resumé one of these days.

4)  Then there’s Shanna Trenholm…  Shanna brings clarity and simplicity to my life — writing and otherwise.  Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to pare down to “real.”  (That’s all I have to say — and all Shanna would want me to say.)  I love her conciseness!

5)  For you world travelers (and ex-pats), Nasrine Shah-Abushakra has opened my eyes to living the global life.  Culturally and environmentally aware, Nasrine tells it like it is — often from 30,000 feet!  Because of her extraordinary gift for sharing from the heart, I’m blessed to live “larger” than Oklahoma.  I hope you’ll be, too!

6)  Helen Hunter Makenzie has served as my mentor, teacher, and ongoing inspiration.  In fact, service encapsulates Helen to a capital “T.”  Thank you, Obiwan. ;)

7)  Denise Ellis Stewart‘s posts leave me breathless… and wanting more.  Click here for one of my favorite posts – you’ll love it! — heartfelt, honest, and basically what we’re all going through.

8)  Laura Gates.   Here’s one of Laura’s posts that pushed me to the edge… dare I say into outerspace?!  NASA consultant, teacher, and share-er of life’s experiences, mine has been richer for knowing her.

Ladies, please dispense these awards as you see fit, have fun doing it, and thank you for making my world a lovely place.

Enjoying unexpected bouquets,

~ Kim




Another Side of Me


I was working on something for my writing group and this was the most expedient way to get it to them.

Hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride. :)

Welcome to another side of me…



In the Springtime of my Youth,

Life was bright with promise.

Pastel with anticipation.

Rife with possibilities.

Then came Summer and the neon of Now.

Live and love.

Laugh and learn.

(The glare of the moment often outweighed the consequences.)

Enter the muted tones of


Subtle.  Serene.

Softer shades of beautiful.


now that I’m facing the black and white of Eternity,

I have no regrets!

Only light, and music.

But at the present moment…

the softness of sepia

suits me.

.   .   .

Enjoying every breath,

~ Kim

Where are you in the journey?