Welcome to a little lunch.  Tidbits for your soul and joy for your palate.  “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…” (Eccl. 3:1)  The purpose of this blog is to share glimpses of God’s glory — in nature, in food (forthcoming!) and in the blessings that abound once you look for them.  Today’s menu includes almost…

Almost Spring...

Almost primordial...

Almost ethereal...

The earth is holding her breath in anticipation of warmth and light.  What are you anticipating this Spring?
In hope & joy,

10 thoughts on “Almost…

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  2. This is a first for me….blogging.
    Kim, love the way you view the world and God’s creation and admire the enthusiatic manner in which you convey it! I much prefer “face to face conversation” as apposed to facebook, twitter, blog or texting….however, in this busy world it is a unique way to communicate and stay in touch and it certainly is preferable to no contact due to busy schedules. Love you dear friend! Keep on writing….you do it well.

  3. The beautiful picture you sent make me think spring is almost here so my flowers can come out my yard is sure looks good in the spring sure takes a lot of time but that all i have to look for-row to
    love you Herb.

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful . . . especially the one of the sunrise (or sunset?) reflected in the lake. Wow.
    How true that there are always blessings from God around us–we just have to open our eyes. =) Or rather, He has to open our eyes . . .

    • Hi, Jenna! I forgot to say that our house faces west — sunset it is! Every day is different and beautiful… ~ Kim

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