Don’t you just love flowers?  It won’t be long until all those little beauties are in bloom around the lake.  In the meantime, my Mom sent a lovely quote:  “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~ Henri Matisse.

That made me think of all the flowers I’ve been given in my lifetime — dandelions hand-picked by my children when they were little, birthday and anniversary surprises, my wedding bouquet (white roses), get-well posies cheering me on from bedside tables, and — one of my favorites — Russ’s spontaneous “ditch flower” deliveries, presented with one hand behind his back and a shy grin, looking like a teenage kid on a first date.

Here are a few from last Spring…

The local garden club's finery

Daisies courtesy of The Master Gardener

My favorite Okie wildflower

Happy weekend!  Hope you enjoy your Flowergram. ~ Kim

5 thoughts on “Flowergram

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  2. I adore flowers so much. They are like a little blessing of love and color. Nothing makes me happier in spring than seeing the flowers as they start blooming. Thanks for the flowergram. <3

    LOVE the blog Kim! Welcome to the Bloggy world!



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