Living Large

QUESTION:  What do the following photos have in common, besides the bird’s-eye view?


ANSWER:  I GOOFED on all three recipes!  (Living large is a matter of paying attention to the small details, lest you wind up “3 for 3” in kitchen foibles…)

With apologies to Twinks (from Tasty Kitchen), I forgot to chop the pecans before adding them to your sassy but subtle, bourbon-laced Deep South Pecan Pie.  Thankfully, un-chopped pecans are a mistake I can live with…

Re: Giant Double Chocolate Cookies …  Giant? Yes.  Tasty? Very.  Crinkly like Amy’s? (Sing For Your Supper )… No.  Remind me to set the timer…  (AHEM.)  Although I missed the window of opportunity on that batch, all is not lost — the cookie jar is almost empty…

And dear Margaret Murphy Tripp (The Irish Mother)… I’ve been dying to try your luscious-looking Rustic Blackberry Tarts for a month, but I know better than to roll out crusts when the oven’s been blazing for two hours and the outside temp has climbed to 85.  (Note to self:  Pie crusts + volcanic atmosphere do NOT = luscious looking tarts.)  However, the resulting “pie” was luscious tasting, if not rustic-looking!

To me, living large means enjoying everything life throws at you — including those times when you’re on the pitcher’s mound.  My goal in the kitchen is pleasure, not perfection.  How about you?  Got any mishaps to share?

On a positive note, here’s a photo of the Triple Threat Quesadillas I made, without incident.  (shecancook2Thanks, Li’a! :)  Life doesn’t get much larger than that.

Live large and prosper,


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