A Tribute To Trees

Allow me to introduce you to our trees…

This Twin Tree shades our deck, provides a home for our songbirds, and reminds me of the way that The Man Of Few Words and I live — side by side, independently together, separate-but-one.  There’s a lot of love in that tree.

The Gnarled Roots Tree clings to the corner of our yard — a contrast in vulnerability and strength.  Exposing your roots takes courage.  There’s a lot of trust in that tree.

Near the bluff is the Enduring Tree.  Branded by the elements from a lifetime of living on the edge, it bares its soul and proclaims, “I’m still here.”  It also has the best view on the lake.  There’s a lot of me in that tree.

Then there’s our Driftwood Tree.  (On this particular day, it hosted a standoff between “Old Boy” and the buzzards.)  Once a stalwart sentinel on dry ground, it now stands in 30 feet of water, thanks to the Lake Eufaula Dam and “progress.”  But it still stands.  There’s a lot of faith in that tree.

On the way back to our house, I admire the Bent Tree.  It looks like it leaned into life and refused to give up.  There’s a lesson in that, and a lot of hope in that tree.

I mustn’t forget the Lightning Tree.  Struck down in its prime before we moved here, it’s a marvelous contrast to the shoreline and the occasional incredible cloud.  In spite of it’s shattered visage, there’s a lot of beauty left in that tree.

Finally, there’s the Sunset Tree…  trees, actually.

They’re natural-born story tellers and they graciously invite you to share your own…

I hope you do.

Enjoying trees and thanking the Creator for their beauty,





18 thoughts on “A Tribute To Trees

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  3. HI Kim,

    Wow, love how you captured the essence of each tree and shared with us the symbolism it has in your own life. The pictures are also breathtaking! We made a conscious decision 6 years ago to move out into the boonies, and now I’m surrounded by trees. If I’m feeling a tad off, I just walk down the path of our woods and instantaneously feel recharged. That’s the power of trees for ya! Thanks for sharing your own tree wisdom with us.


    • Marion, isn’t that true? Anytime I start to feel disjointed or out of sync, I go outdoors (amongst the trees) and just breathe. It’s amazing how quickly nature can restore you — oftentimes it’s a matter of not getting out and experiencing it regularly. (You know how we writers can be, cooping ourselves up for days on end…) I’m so happy you’re surrounded by trees … let me know when they start telling you their names. :)
      ~ Kim

  4. Ahhhhh, Kimby. I am fully enjoying your post. Also, your photos are amazing. You’re writing is always so enchanting and magical. I want to sit on your deck and merge into the nature that you’re blessed to be surrounded with. These days, can identify with the roots from the Gnarled tree. However, I yearn for the sunset that you share with us so generously. I am so captivated by how you intertwine yourself with our earth, and how you always describe your relationship with her as a dear friend. Thank you so much for the inspiring vibes.

    • Nasrine, perhaps our present deeper connection with the earth comes from the roaming we did and feeling our lack of roots? I felt that connection in your Neem Tree post, too!
      ~ Kim

    • “Still enough to notice, and quiet enough to hear…” I really like that, Shanna! What a calm planet we’d live on if we approached each day that way… each person that way. Thanks again for your marvelous observations!
      ~ Kim

  5. Love, trust, me, faith, hope, beauty—your words, your spirit, your photography—simply exquisite. What I’ll take from this post is an invitation to get unplugged at least once a day and meander among the trees. I’m with Kathleen, I could hear myself reading this story to my first graders who still have a reverence for the mighty tree unlike many adults who are willing to “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.” Thank you, Kim.

    • Sue Ann, your musical “roots” are showing. :) But how true that our reverence tends to fall by the wayside, as we “grow up.” Makes me wonder who’s the wiser? Your students must think you’re the best teacher they ever had! Thanks again for “feeling” this tribute as deeply as you did.
      ~ Kim

  6. Treeeeeeeeeeees GLORIOUS treeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! LOVE them! and this post! your photos! capturing each one’s cryptic nature… and your deeply felt relationship to each… and its wisdom jewel you have been gifted with… now gifting ME with! I LOVE the exquisite story of love in Twin Tree… and sooooo resonate with Gnarled Roots tree! Enduring is also my story… and methinks I have the best view of life as welll! The Faith of Driftwood… and the hope of Bent Tree… the beauty of Lightning Tree… and the glorious storytelling Sunset Trees! already… I have befriended each through your heartedsight!

    Methinks this would be a grand story for children. I know they would forever more make friends and names for the trees in their lives! So touched by this beauty I am! thank you, Kimby!

    • Kathleen, I’m grinning from ear to ear at your opening comment… Treeeeeeeees GLORIOUS treeeeeeeeeees! :) Isn’t it true? I felt the same way about Nasrine’s post a couple of week’s back — there’s such life and story and connection in all of them, if we only look and FEEL.

      Thanks for your idea about turning this into a children’s book. I love telling stories to kids! (Never thought about telling them about my trees!) You’re an instigator, you are!
      ~ Kim

      • Yes, I am! An instigator… but authentically so! I am telling you what wafts up spontaneously for me! and because I play and dance and explore music with children and have for years, I KNOW their passions and what speaks to them. Nature. and Nature with character and wisdom they can drink in. They take it in DEEP! And are touched for life. So… please… and with the images… for they (children) have not lost their ability to see. And neither have you. xo

  7. Kim, going thru your posts, I noticed u’re into nature. U must be surrounded by beauties. It’s a blessing.

    I hope to get u to cook one of my recipes & so I can have your cooking featured at my Facebook Fan Page. U can try those simple ones that need no cooking at all. I’ve just started this recently. Chk out whose cooking are currently featured at my Readers’ Corner Album now!

    • Thanks, Shirley! It’s nice to be able to share our neck of the woods on my blog. And, it’s nice of YOU to share your Facebook space like that. I’m wanting to make your Lobster Bisque very much … (or any of your recipes!)
      ~ Kim

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