Do Over

One of my favorite lines is from the movie “City Slickers,” when Billy Crystal quips: “Do over.”

While it pertained to a dude ranch vacation gone wrong, that two-word nugget of philosophy has proved invaluable to me.  Much of my life has been a do over.  (Much of this blog has been a do over!)

Instead of beating myself up over it, I just shake my head at the absurdity, have a good laugh, and do over.

When I first decided to share my thoughts with the world, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Should I blog about my penchant for cooking?  My love of nature?  Tales from the truck-driver years?  (Which I haven’t even touched on yet.)  Music?  (Ditto.)

So many possibilities, so little time…

Blogging has been a much needed catharsis at the day’s end — or 2:00 a.m. — or precious weekend time such as this.  Having a creative outlet helps strike a balance between the must-do’s and want-to’s in my life.

But, during the process — brief as it’s been — I lost my voice.  What are you about, okielicious, aka Kimby, aka Kim?  What is it you’re trying to say?

In a nutshell: “Do over.”

Starting from scratch requires optimism, anticipation, a sense of wonder, and a leap of faith.  Which takes hope.  And humor.  And a fresh cup of coffee…

Hello, world.  I’m back!

Enjoying “do overs,”

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Do Over

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  5. Oh my little Kim is back! YES! I love love love the new header pic! And go ahead and do over as much as you want. We all do it (or should). My philosophy is: “It is what it is”. (Coming soon to a post!) Have a lovely day Kim. Hugs, Isabelle

  6. Hi Kimby!

    So glad you’re back! First, thanks for the sweet comments on my site :)

    Second, I’ve been working on bread pudding with whiskey sauce for dessert for two lately! Great minds think alike!!

    Third, LOVE the new header photo.

    I hear ya about losing your voice and finding the strength to start over. Lately, I’ve been trying to come to terms with the voice I’ve established on my blog. I mimicked the style of many successful bloggers, but I’ve found that it’s just not who I am. Rather than being ultra peppy, funny and cynical, I’m calm, relaxed and confident. Trying to work that into my blog after I’ve been writing for a year is hard. Something else I’m also struggling with is my photography. I have trained myself to take photos for foodgawker: perfectly square photos, incredibly well-lit with white backgrounds. Those are photos I do not enjoy. But how do I break the mold?

    So nice to catch up with you :)

    Hope work is becomming more manageable for you. The word I’ve been using a lot to deal with work is ‘flexible.’ I can get upset at everything new that comes my way and get hung up on trying to change it, or I can be flexible and go with it. At the end of the day, everyone is happier.

    Take care <3

    • Hey, Christina!
      Thanks for the encouraging words! We’ll break the mold eventually, one blog at a time. To thine own self be true…

      I also liked your thoughts on food photography — haven’t hit my stride in that arena either, but I’ve got some “ideas.”

      Stay tuned… :)

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