Who Ate The Evidence?

Most days, my “meal plan” consists of two steps:

1)  What can I make that’s flavorful?


2)  How soon can I sit on the deck?

(To say that I’m driven by leisure is an accurate assessment…)

After blog hopping all week, my inspiration from food-related chronicles was at an all-time high.  Many blogs I visited (including those of my Blog Roll buddies) featured step-by-step-photographs guiding readers through prep work to the final, mouth-watering photo.  (That takes dedication, which I know you appreciate, because I certainly do.)

Unfortunately (and more often than not), my appetite overrules my artistic inclinations.  To keep my food-blogging credibility intact, I fought the urge to lounge…  I give you:

BBQ Chicken “Before”…

Soakin' Up The Smoke

and BBQ Chicken “After”…

Done To Perfection

That’s two pictures, folks — hope you’re proud of me. :)
In concluding today’s “tutorial,” I’d like to give credit where it’s due.  A few weeks ago, I entered a barbecue sauce give-away on Miss in the Kitchen (still can’t believe I won — thank you, Milisa!) and my “prize” arrived this week.  Then I read about a super-quick-chicken-cooking-method on Jenna’s Everything Blog (which I now use to avoid undercooked chicken on the grill — thank you, Jenna!) and I was able to make this/plate this in under 30 minutes.  You can, too!
But wait, there’s more…
This was the first time I tried Slatherin’ Sauce and I can honestly say that both of their versions were wonderful.
(All opinions expressed are my own.  Batteries not included.)
Enjoying life one glorious barbecue at a time,

8 thoughts on “Who Ate The Evidence?

  1. Hey Kim!!

    That Chicken is indeed made to perfection!! :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Happy to follow you as well…Let’ be in touch


  2. This chicken looks amazing! Finger lickin’ good :) I thanked you on my blog but wanted to say to you again (incase you don’t see it) I appreciate your kind words!

    • Howdy, Heather!
      I didn’t know if there was an expiration date on the “hop” so I read every single person’s “About Me” page and poked around in their earliest blogs and enjoyed every minute of it all week (into the wee hours of the morning) — what a fun time!
      Glad you enjoyed today’s post. :)
      ~ Kim

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