Food Photos That Will Never Make The Front Page

Split Personality Pasta.  Hellooooo.  How much butter did I put in the meat sauce?

Sausage and Mushroom Calzone.  Squish…  There’s filling in it.  Really, there is.

Grilled Pork Loin & Balsamic Apples with Plum Whiskey Glaze.  (Note to self: pink glaze = undercooked looking meat.)  But it sure tasted good.

Hawaiian Pizza on the ol’ 9 x 13 cake pan lid.  (And to think I gave away my pizza stone when we moved… whimper.)

Then there’s the dessert that didn’t turn out looking anything like the original recipe.  (To see how it’s really done, click here.)  It was my first attempt at cheesecake and everything went wrong.  I take full responsibility.

The crust stuck.  Of course, it helps to use a spring form pan…  (I compensated by removing what was left of the crumbs.)

The middle fell.  (I compensated by filling it with milk chocolate.)

The topping puddled.  It was 95° outside and close to that in my kitchen.  (I compensated by throwing it in the freezer and cutting it into Art Deco triangles.)

But chocolate melts.  Rapidly.


I compensated by eating it. :)

Enjoying one tasty photo flop at a time,

~ Kim

P.S.  The dessert made for an interesting “cartoon,” too…

Chocolate Cheesecake ala Warhol

9 thoughts on “Food Photos That Will Never Make The Front Page

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  2. Hahaha! This is so funny. And lemme tell you–I CAN IDENTIFY! My hard drive is full of pictures that didn’t make the cut. Food photography is challenging . . . in my experience, especially when there’s no natural light in your kitchen, and especially when the food is brown. Thanks for the laugh!

    • You’re welcome, Jenna! It was time to free up some space on the hard drive anyway. :) For all the obstacles you face, you’d never know it looking at your photos!
      ~ Kim

  3. Kim,
    Everything looks delish….yum! When I come by and sit on MY chair I would like the pasta first please and then a slice of pizza (or vice versa…I am not difficult) and then CHOCOLATE. Thank you… :)

  4. Oh my heavens, it breaks my heart that my cheesecake didn’t turn out for you. So sorry :(

    All cheesecake recipes call for a spring form pan. If you don’t have one, try muffin cups with liners–then you get bite-sized cheesecakes mmmm!

    Did you spray the pan?

    And 95 is no good for melting chocolate, since it well, you know, melts in your hands. I’ll admit that the day I made that cheesecake it was a balmy 60 outside and my kitchen was nice and cool. If you’ve ever been to a chocolate store, you’ll need a sweater for how cold they keep it in there. Chocolate melts at below human body temp, so at 95, I’m surprised it was edible.

    Your cheesecake sunk in the middle? What size pan did you use?

    • Christina, your recipe was wonderful and it TASTED fabulous! My downfall was in the presentation department. (I willfully ignored your dessert knowledge, tips, and tricks and used small ramekins, etc, etc…) That’s what I get for reading your blog when I’m hungry. I HAD to have some. :)
      ~ Kim

  5. Yum!! As long as it tastes good, that’s all that matters!
    By the way, I have not been home much so I haven’t been able to return your email but I did get it. Thank you so much, you are too kind.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

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