Chocolate Waffle Love

With temperatures hovering near a hundred for the past week, the prospect of heating up the kitchen again was the last thing on my mind.  (Allow me to clarify:  other than brief stints to bake biscuits or some such Southern necessity.)  Most sultry days, our meals consist of grilled meats, salads or veggies, and fresh fruit for dessert.  But, oh how I miss dessert... which, for me, is defined as pie.  Or cake.  Or brownies.  Or cookies.  Or…

Then, I spied an online baking challenge.

Maybe it was my dessert deprived mind or maybe it was the fact that I love chocolate in any way, shape or form… I had to see what was involved.  Unfortunately, the deadline for entering had passed (story of my life…), so I fired off an e-mail expressing my delight at such a fun invite and let it go at that.  To my surprise, I received a reply saying the post wasn’t being published until Monday and I was welcome to submit a photo before then.  Game on!

After looking through a multitude of mouth-watering recipes, I picked Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake. (Technically, it was a “no bake” recipe, but at that point, anything chocolate sounded good, in or out of the oven.)  Then I proceeded with gusto.

Maybe a little too much gusto.  (Never y’all mind that whipped cream gooshing out, ya hear?)

The major challenge was finding frozen chocolate waffles in our small town.  What to do in a bind?  Alton Brown to the rescue!  Using his recipe, it took no time (and no oven) to create this spectacular little shortcake.  (Plus the leftovers were mighty tasty for breakfast…)

Next time you’re feeling up to a challenge, check out The Chocolate Bottle.  It’s a fun way to pass the time and take your mind off the heat!

Enjoying life one lovely chocolate waffle at a time,


21 thoughts on “Chocolate Waffle Love

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  2. Just found your page and want to say Oklahoma is the greatest state in the country! (I live in central OK) and I love chocolate and Alton Brown!

  3. Holy smokes! What a BEAUTIFUL and artistic chocolate waffle!! I want to enjoy life too, so give me one, please! Great photograph!!! Shall visit here again. Keep in touch!

  4. I love that! It’s sooo pretty :)
    That would be good for Valentines Day as well. I am a big fan of The Chocolate Bottle. I met her through her visiting the hop so I am assuming you did as well (which pleases me to no end since that is why I did the HOP)!
    Have a great day!

    • I must lead a sheltered life… I had no idea how many bloggers (food, especially) there were and it was fun getting to know the ones you featured on your blog! Great idea about serving this for Valentine’s Day — I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet!!
      ~ Kim

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