Last Of The Magnolias (Flowergram III)

Oh, she was magnificent.

There were only a few of her kind left, in the unlikely event that you could group her into a category.

Most days, she was singular.  Spectacular.  Or at least she used to be.  But, as the full sunlight and the mirror in front of her illuminated the truth about her fading beauty, she stared.

“Who is this woman?” she wondered.

Gone was the glow of her once-radiant skin — skin that used to outshine the string of heirloom pearls that graced her neck and the teardrop ear-bobs dangling from once-creamy lobes with their subtle luminescence.

The wrinkles startled her.

They were familiar, but today they seemed foreign.  She tugged at the neckline of her dress.

“Chin up,” she reminded herself and involuntarily straightened.  (Mindless adages such as this had once been a daily mantra in the days gone by, when posture and perkiness went hand in hand.)  She didn’t even have to think about it back then…

“I was beautiful once, wasn’t I?” she asked of no one in particular.

The sun was unmerciful in it’s reply.

She knew full well that she could never return to the glory days… days of handsome young men vying for her attention… and nights of even more attention.

Still, she smiled.

“Ah, youth…” she mused out loud, again to no one in particular. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

The End.

(This little bit of fiction was brought to you by someone who has finally grown comfortable in their skin, wrinkles and all.  It’s a nice place to be.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are some of the flowers that brightened my world recently.  Enjoy!

Courtesy of Russ’s sister’s flower garden.  (Whatever they’re called.)

Here’s another one… I do know they’re irises.

Beautiful, brilliant lilies.

Another shot for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t have a clue what these are, but they hold such promise.  As do we all.

Untangle that joy!

(In yourself… and in your beauty!)

Finally… one last look at the blossom that inspired this post.

They may be done for the season, but I’m not.

Embracing beauty at every age,

(I hope you do, too!)

~ Kim

25 thoughts on “Last Of The Magnolias (Flowergram III)

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  3. WOW! I am trilled to be here reading this post! I am blown away by your writing, photos and overall vibe to thrive and bring ALL of us with you. I just stood up a lil higher in my seat and feel like this flower power you share with us vibrating into the core of my soul. Thank you, and grateful for your gift of the craft.

    • Flower power. I like that, Nasrine! (Hadn’t thought about it since the 70’s, lol!) Thank you for your kind comments — your encouragement made me perk up a little higher, too!
      ~ Kim

  4. Hey Kim!

    I love magnolias! They’re just majestic in their own unique way. There’s also a fullness to their bud and blossom. That’s what came to my mind when you talked about a woman finally embracing who she is. She’s majestic and full of delight in herself!

    Thanks for your beautiful post!


    • Marion, I loved the way you described the “fullness” of magnolias! Flowers — and women — bloom beautifully when all of the the elements are right.
      ~ Kim

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, how I want that for every womanchild I meet. It’s a blissful place to be, isn’t it? I love everything about this post—the exquisite photography, the wondrous words, but mostly, the confirmation that there is nothing quite like being comfortable in your skin. . .embracing beauty at every age.

    I’m going to post this one on my Inner Circle page. It fits beautifully into our commitment to dance a little every day:
    Do everything with grace
    Act on your intentions
    No is a complete sentence
    Cultivate a sense of gratitude & curiosity

    Thank you Kim.

    • After seeing the beautiful orchids and flower gardens in your Singapore airport post, I’m glad to know you have a place to enjoy them — without insects! Thanks, Shirley!
      ~ Kim

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  7. Absolutely beautiful flowers. I adore how they brighten our world.

    I have always enjoyed magnolias….far away… I am allergic to them and when we found out I was a little girl and I was devastated. It was the best climbing tree ever….and it had flowers. Sad. Day!

    • Oh, Christy! I’m glad you can at least enjoy looking at them. I was a tree-climber, too, back in the day and loved it — minus the flowers in the “frozen North.” :)
      ~ Kim

  8. What a beautiful post Kim, it’s a pleasure to read it! I love looking at flowers but sadly I am a complete disaster when it comes to growing them… I can’t even keep a basil plant alive for more than week…

    • Too funny — I’m the same way! (That’s why I take pictures instead…) :) Thank goodness for Farmer’s Markets and friends with green thumbs who share!
      ~ Kim

    • I’m so glad you liked it, Heather!
      (Not quite sure what prompted this post, other than noticing that the magnolias were nearly gone today…)

      It “felt” like someone needed to hear that — maybe me… :)

      Here’s to the writer — and “aging beauty” — in all of us!

      ~ Kim

  9. There is an old saying in Ireland..”There is many a sweet tune played on an old fiddle”
    As someone who is middle aged with few if any regrets and is also finally comfortable in their skin I enjoyed your piece of fiction

    • Way cool, Mike. (I was kinda wonderin’ how my “male” readers might take to this.) I especially liked your Irish saying and your statement about “no regrets.” :) Life’s too short for “wishin’ and wantin.” Well said.
      ~ Kim

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