Did I ever mention it’s hilly around here?

Very hilly?

Three weeks ago the hubby’s pickup rebelled.  He tinkered.  He monkey-wrenched (at least I think that’s what he used.)  He scraped three knuckles and an elbow.  He crawled under, climbed over, and hunched motionless, pondering the perplexities of an ’85 engine antiquated enough to be coaxed with a bit of muscle — yet new enough to contain a “computer” — which, in his opinion, is unnecessary.  Unless it doesn’t work.

Two trips to the parts store and five scavenger hunts in the junkyard later, he shook his head at his still-defunct truck, put his hands on his hips and muttered: “It’s toast.”  Not as in: “yummy, slathered with butter, I look forward to this on the weekends” kind of toast.  TOAST.

As in: Too Obsolete And Stupid Truck.  (His succinctness floors me at times.)  I don’t call him The Man of Few Words for nothin’.

With only one vehicle and two jobs, somebody had to make the schedule sacrifice.  Yup.  That would be me.

The first week I got up at 4:30 a.m., drove the hubby to work, and dashed home to enjoy an hour and a half of solitude (or an hour and a half less sleep, depending upon how you look at it…), then filled my “spare time” with all the things working women cram into rare moments of “newfound leisure” — laundry, house-cleaning, meal-planning, etc. — done with the intent on “getting ahead” so I could come home and relax at the end of the day.  Ha.  Then I got ready for work, drove to work, did my work, and after work, picked up the hubby where he worked.  By the end of the week, I was toast.

(No acronym — just exhausted.)

The following week, Plan B went into effect.

I “slept in” until 5:00 a.m., got ready for work, rode with the hubby into town (who dropped me off an hour and a half early, or an hour an a half less sleep…), where I wandered up and down the sidewalks “at my leisure” until starting time — the appeal of which wore off after the first two days.  There’s only so much window shopping you can do in a three block area.  And 105°.

After work, the M of FW retrieved me on his way by and whisked me home, where I’d launch into all the things working women cram into their evening hours (laundry, house-cleaning, meal-planning…) until I dropped into bed exhausted.  Toast, times two.  Something had to change.

Wonder of wonders, I discovered we have public transit here.

Now before y’all start wondering, “Why didn’t she take the bus in the first place?” remember… I live in rural Oklahoma.  Bus stops are few and far between.  (As in: almost a mile from our house.)  But they sure are pretty.

And bear in mind, I haven’t hauled my half-century-old carcass up anything steeper than a recliner in a long time.

But I can tell my children, “When I was your age, I walked up hill both ways!”

And it’s worth the climb.

Bonus points for my new “fitness plan.”  Now I can eat toast whenever I want… “yummy, slathered in butter, “why wait for the weekend?” kind of toast.  Life is good.

Enjoying one hill at a time,

~ Kim

18 thoughts on “Toast

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  4. This post is too cool. As much as I have talked of how I envy your view. There is nothing quite like taking a five minute walk to my Subway train in the morning for my forty minute ride to work. Because I leave around 5:30 I usually get a seat so I get to read. Now if they only had WiFi I would be made LOL. I can only use my phone for about 10 minutes then I am underground the rest of the way. I am sure your route is more scenic.
    BTW in my humble opinion if there is no Graffiti it’s not public transportation :)

    • Mike, if you look at the bus picture, you’ll notice I “graffiti’d” my name over the company logo. :) Glad you enjoyed the “walk” in my neck of the woods!
      ~ Kim

  5. Public transport? In Oklahoma? Things must have changed since I lived there because the only bus in Durant was of the yellow variety :) This post is precious though, hope y’all get your vehicle situation sorted soon!

  6. What a beautiful bus stop! I love using public transport – and mostly because of the exercise of walking. I like being able to look out the window and enjoy the views, too! And I love your description of what working women do with “newfound leisure”- SO TRUE

  7. Wow, I’m suddenly very tired. And I’m not the one walking one mile up hill(s) to get to the bus stop. I’m impressed by how you’re finding the good points: fitness plan, great view. Inspiring!

  8. Great post! My husband and I also share a car, but our schedules work out a little better than yours. We only lose about a half hour of sleep. Good thing, too, because I’m barely making it as it is. Good luck with your new fitness routine! :)

  9. Wow! Those hills looks like something to be reckoned with! Hope you guys find a second vehicle soon so that your day is a little less crazy!

  10. OH NO! It stinks not having enough vehicles. We have way to many (they *all* have a purpose (hubby says) and it seems like every time one breaks down, 2 or 3 break down and we’re still in a bind. I’m amazed you have “public” transportation where you are! I’ve never seen it in our neck of the woods. Your area must be more uptown than I remember! ;-) And speaking of hills. Isn’t Tiger Mountain around there close? I remember going to the lake when I was a young one and the truck pulling the trailer dieing on that “mountain” and having to wait for help!
    Good luck with your vehicles!

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