Setting Things A-Rite With Alton Brown

After my vacation over the 4th, I promised you some travel highlights and food.  Now that it’s the end of July, I must set things aright (or a-rite as the title alludes…)  And, while I enjoy writing about my own food frolics, sometimes I simply must extol the virtues of “other people’s food.”

“Good heavens, what is she babbling about?” you may ask.

I’m talking about Maid Rites.

Maid Rites are a ground beef phenomenon on a bun.  A Midwest marvel in a sandwich.  A ticket to hamburger heaven…  Okay, you get my drift.  (The Man of Few Words agreed; he signified “aye” with his elbow.)

Simply put:  Maid Rite’s made right.  They’re served right, too.

Notice the classic “burger basket” presentation.  The sandwich is wrapped in logo-laden-waxed-paper with a generous side of hand-cut fries in their own paper basket, artfully assembled on a red plastic tray.  (The previous information was shared with the intent to avert your eyes from the “beef crumble” stuck to my sweet tea glass — oh well.)

The only embellishments necessary for a Maid Rite are thinly sliced dill pickles and onions, which are added when you order.

At the table, ketchup and mustard await in nostalgic dispenser bottles, which you may add.  (I don’t.)  No need to mess with perfection.  Love those little “maid” get-ups.  (Really — I do!)

FYI, hover your mouse over the photos for a summary of this review.  (I often tell a “second story” in the pop-up captions.)  Such fun. :)

Regarding the vacation re-cap, it pretty much consisted of 28 hours in a car with no air conditioning, more relatives than I could possibly include in one post, and R & R by the lake.   A good time was had by all, especially me.  There you have it.  A promise is a promise.

So where does Alton Brown figure into the scheme of things, besides our mutual penchant for road trips and diner food?

In a previous post, I mentioned Alton’s book, “Feasting On Asphalt.”  Not only is it highly entertaining fare, he included the recipe for Maid Rites (or a pretty darn close adaptation), which I know you’ll enjoy very much.  He also wrote a much more comprehensive review.  Give credit where credit is due, I say.

Enjoying the journey (and a Maid Rite or two),

~ Kim

P.S.  My review took place at the Iowa Visitors’ Center, where we stopped to cool off on the way home.  I’m happy to report that the “tipped” cows are now aright — or a-rite, whichever you prefer.  And, something new has been added…

16 thoughts on “Setting Things A-Rite With Alton Brown

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  2. I’ve never heard of Maid Rites but my Nanny (originally from Kentucky) used to make similar sandwiches with White Bread and loose meat (she called them Sloppy Joes). I just made them for a gathering we had at our place this past weekend.

    I tried looking for a better name for them than “Loosemeat” sandwiches and found them under “Tavern Sandwiches”. Mine are just ground meat cooked with white onion, salt, pepper and a little flour. Does Alton add more than that?

    • Hi, Nolita! Nice to meet another Oklahoma blogger! Tavern Sandwiches sounds better than “Loose Meat,” although that’s the going term (and what Alton used in his book.) He threw in a little mustard and Worcestershire (if I’m allowed to say so) –but if he says so, it’s good by me. :) Thanks again for your comment!
      ~ Kim

    • That’s half the fun, trying out recipes — and you have the “knack,” Shirley! Thanks for offering to post food photos on your Facebook page — I’m so far behind, technologically, ha! I look forward to taking you up on this as soon as my crazy schedule settles down.
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, Rinku! I enjoyed meeting you at Mike’s picnic and I loved the phrase in your blog: “Cooking with a zesty dose of enthusiasm” — that’s what it’s all about! :)
      ~ Kim

  3. Oh man, I haven’t thought of Maid Rites in a long time! I lived in Ohio for a summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, and Maid Rites was my special treat after a hard week of work. They had the best peanut butter milk shake EVER.

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