Rhapsody In Blue

Herons are never in a hurry.

When Old Boy took up his post on Saturday morning, it was my cue to watch and see how things are done around here.

The buzz of a boat motor diverted his gaze.

Nothing to get flapped about.  Just a lone fisherman on a quest for a lunker.

Clouds passed and so did the time.

But, it wasn’t time wasted.

Somehow I think Old Boy knew that all along.

Enjoying life’s little rhapsodies,

~ Kim

22 thoughts on “Rhapsody In Blue

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  2. Those are wonderful pictures of a beautiful bird. We have a better camera this year, so I am hoping our Great Blue Heron will cooperate this year. We had two that resided along the creek last year. It seems odd to see them in trees, since we’ve only seen them in the water.

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    • Thank you, Peggy! It was one of those “hold your breath and hope he doesn’t fly away moments” and I’m thankful he stayed put, so you could enjoy him, too!
      ~ Kim

  5. Kim, I’m feeling so peaceful looking at the shots. Life’s so busy these days & people hardly stop by to take a moment to view nature. Thks for sharing, dear! Glad to be following your blog :)

    • Shirley, I’m glad you felt the peacefulness! You were right on about not appreciating nature often enough — it offers so much for such a small investment in time. I enjoy following your blog, too! :)
      ~ Kim

    • Thanks! It’s a Great Blue Heron (I think.) We also have cranes here (beautiful white ones) and other shore birds that are neat to watch, but even harder to photograph. (And hopefully no storks at my age… lol.) :) Thanks so much for stopping by, Chris!
      ~ Kim

    • Mike, if I could bottle some for you, I would. I enjoy “city sounds” for brief periods of time, but my musical mind gets overwhelmed. Glad you could kick back and “imagine” what that sounded like (or didn’t sound like!)
      ~ Kim

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