What I Eat When Nobody’s Looking

I’m no slouch in the dietary department.  I’ve studied nutrition right down to the molecular level and I know what’s good for me.

Most of the time, I snack on healthy treats.

And eat balanced meals.

Or transform leftovers into meatless entrees now and then.

All good.

And good for me.


I have a weakness.

Yup.  Froot Loops.  (Gasp.)  Sugar laden, full of dye, and absolutely delicious.  Sometimes, nothing else will satisfy.

Blame it on the kid in me.

What do you eat when nobody’s looking?  (Remember — nobody’s perfect, least of all moi.)

Enjoying life one covert bowl at a time,

~ Kim

P.S.  If you don’t want the world to know, just put “confidential” at the end of your comment — your secret’s safe with me. :)

25 thoughts on “What I Eat When Nobody’s Looking

  1. I am writing about healthy eating on my blog. I never thought about writing about “sneaking” food. Mind if I use your idea? (Just the idea, writing will be totally different.) I like the picture idea. (You can keep this one confidential if you want so I don’t advertise myself on your blog.)

  2. You’re such a discipline person, Kim! On the contrary, I’m such a sinful person.

    When no one’s watching me, I’d snack all day, whack ice-creams, gobble up deep-fried chicken wings etc etc. So eating Froot Loops is still not that bad. Hope that’s a consolation. LOL!

    • Made me smile, Shirley — I’m not nearly as disciplined as you imagine… Thanks for the consolation, though! I’m right there with ya on the wings and ice cream. :)
      ~ Kim

  3. Hmm…it’s probably something I eat when I go out and let myself indulge. For example, a few weeks ago I got a bacon wrapped hot dog topped with guacamole, chipotle mayo, tomatoes, jalapenos and onions…and loved every bite.

    I tend to crave fatty greasy things (chips, pizza, hot dogs, etc.) – I’m actually not a huge sweets person.

    • Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of your hotdog combo — now that’s a “junkyard dawg!”
      I’m also glad you said you loved every bite — that’s what it’s all about!
      ~ Kim

  4. Wow!! the pictures are amazing!! :) but! what i would mind to admit eating? mm..yes it’s chocolate for me as well! i avoid it too much to admit that i eat it! if that makes any sense lol :)

    • Thanks for fessin’ up, Andy. :) That made perfect sense to me about chocolate — it’s one of those “I’d eat it all the time” foods (if I could.)
      ~ Kim

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  6. Hilarious! I never would have pegged you for a Froot Loops kind of a girl. =) When no one’s looking . . . I eat popcorn. Then again, I eat that when everybody is looking too. I also loooove a hot bowl of rice with butter and Lawry’s mixed in.

    • Jenna, I just remembered your “popcorn post” — made me smile again! Hot rice with butter is a favorite of mine, too, but why didn’t I think of adding Lawry’s? Thanks for clueing me in! And thanks for appreciating my quirks. :)
      ~ Kim

    • Missy, I haven’t tried the cheese version (yet) — sounds like I’m missing a whole lot of happiness. :) Will put it on my “to try” list!
      ~ Kim

    • Duly noted, Mike — sent you an e-mail to “explain” — definitely interested and THANKS for tagging me! (I just read your postgreat links!)
      Yes, it’s sad but true — every now and then I succumb to the glitz, glamour, and hype of POP displays — especially in the cereal aisle… can anybody say Cap’n Crunch? :) Thanks again, Mike!
      ~ Kim

  7. Fruit Loops are the best! Yum! Ummm right now probably this chocolate ice cream with fudge in it from a store down the street. It is addicting and I am so glad they don’t see it any other time of the year but summer :)

  8. This isn’t news to you because we have talked about this….a bag of salt and vinegar chips washed down with a bottle of chardonnay…yes I said a bottle…some days are more difficult than others. :)

    • FYI, those are my favorite chips. (Another thing we have in common!) And, some bottles are bigger than others… Do I hear ice cubes clinking?? :)
      ~ Kim

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