It’s Still Summer

Attention please, for the following public service announcement:

It’s still summer.

The autumnal equinox isn’t due until September 23rd.

You must maintain your sense of wonder for 3 more weeks.

Deck sitting is entirely at your discretion.

Fishing is mandatory.

Thank you.

Savoring every moment,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “It’s Still Summer

  1. Loved your pics, really had a good time going through them with a smile on my face!! I love summers, but can’t manage the sweat and the harsh sunlight at all!!
    Autumn is lovely! And so is your post!!

    • Ah, Purabi — it’s been a long, hot summer and I do look forward to autumn. But summer seems “playful” and I’m glad the pics made you smile! Will post some fall photos in about a month. :)
      ~ Kim

    • LOL at your “seasons,” Shirley. :) Love it. We feel very blessed to have such a view, but this summer it’s almost been too hot to enjoy it much. Almost. :)
      ~ Kim

  2. YAY! I completely agree! Fall is a lovely season, but I don’t want to rush it! September 1st hit and everyone is baking pumpkin muffins and apple pies….which are delicious, but I’m still firing up the grill!

    • Way to go, Ann!!! I’m on “grill mode,” too — my hubby just brought home a bonafide, certified, Okie-sized smoker this weekend for me to play with — stay tuned for further adventures… (Can anybody say brisket?!) :)

      I agree with you — autumn will be here soon enough (and I love it) — but I’m still hanging onto summer. Glad to hear you are, too — ENJOY!
      ~ Kim

    • Heather, it was so cute watching my great-niece drag “Mr. Froggy blankie” along the beach. Her mama (my niece) keeps identical “blankies” for her, because one inevitably ends up in the washer! :) (Less trauma that way!)

      Re: the pontoon — that was my hubby’s boss’s craft. (If wishes were fishes, we’d have one, too.) Alas, we’re the proud owners of “The Newspaper” (the teeny tiny bass boat in the last photo — it’s black and white and “red” all over…) But it floats. :)

      Take care, sweet friend!
      ~ Kim

    • Maureen, it’s so neat to hear about what’s going on “down under” (oft used phrase) — I’d love to see the difference in seasons in the Southern hemisphere — and the stars. Can’t imagine a completely different sky — well, sort of! — we’re worlds apart, but we have the love of GOOD FOOD in common! :)
      Take care,
      ~ Kim

  3. Beautiful photos. And truthfully I am over summer. So the 23rd…could come quickly in my opinion. Although if we get some rain next week…I think I can hold out a little longer ;)

    • Christy, in all honesty, autumn is my favorite season. It’s just that we’ve spent so much of this summer indoors due to the heat, I’m not ready for summer to be over yet! (I hear ya on the rain thing… but not ’til after this weekend, please!) :)
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, it’s the least I could do… :) Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend, Isabelle. (Your chair is still reserved.) Have fun — and be careful!
      ~ Kim

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