Cream or Sugar?

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” ~ T. S. Eliot

Every once in awhile, a quote will crop up that causes you to consider where you are in the mad dash to the end.

Statisticians will tell you that you’ve spent x amount of days standing in line or so many hours in front of the television, but I prefer to measure my time with coffee.

Looking back over the last half century, it seems I’ve spent a great deal of it with a mug in my hand.

Coffee helps me sort things out, or at least ponder the transitions that have brought me thus far.

Meet my companion, my confidante, and my cohort through it all.

How do you measure your time?  What stands out as being a significant part of it?

Enjoying my morning java,

~ Kim

P.S.  For more coffee-related ruminations (and a revolution), please click here.

25 thoughts on “Cream or Sugar?

    • I understand that, too, Ivana. Most of the time (no pun intended), my awareness of time is “lost in space” like you :) — but I do know when it’s time to have a cup of coffee!
      ~ Kim

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. And I love how you measure time in coffee, reminds me of how when I was a kid I used to measure it in Scooby Doo episodes. I like how your post underlines the emotional significance of coffee – as something that can really help us relax before/during/after stressful days!

    • Scooby Doo time sounds fun! :) Kids today don’t have to wait a whole week to see their favorite shows. I think they’re missing out on the sense of anticipation we had. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Annalise!

  2. Great post. My time is definitely measured through dinner; as in what am I prepping, need to prep, etc.

    And I’m a ‘white’ coffee fanatic i.e. lots of cream and sugar. I’ve been working on weaning myself from that way though and now it’s just a dash of milk with a tiny sprinkle of sugar. It’s been hard

    • Isn’t that true (re: food time?!) Good luck with cutting down on the cream and sugar — I used to put both in mine, but now I save it for “treats.” (Mostly cream — sugar keeps me up nights, lol!)

  3. I like that T.S. Eliot quote!

    Great photos. It’s interesting to see how others like their coffee, isn’t it? Do you drink it black, or with cream? (I see cream on the side in the photos…)

    • Hi! I’m generally a black coffee drinker 98% of the time, but now and then I treat myself to real cream, or a white chocolate mocha, or an iced cappucino, or… or.. or… :)
      ~ Kim

  4. Kimby, this post has literally taken my breath away! I took one look at those two beautiful mugs of coffee, in their classy little tray, and I was a goner! And I found it especially meaningful to call coffee your “confidante, cohort, and companion.” Brilliant! I think I feel the same way. If my coffee could talk! :) Thank you so much for being a part of this fun project!

  5. Measuring time.. what a great topic.

    When I met my then future father-in-law who was a retired physics professor, we were talking about historical events and he said,

    “that was before the electron was discovered”.

    That’s how he measured history.. before and after the electron :)

    I much prefer measuring time with cups of coffee.

    • Maureen, that is absolutely fascinating! (I love physics almost as much as I love coffee…) Thanks for sharing this gem of a story!
      ~ Kim
      P.S. On my recent pie post (the eating kind, not 3.1416 rounded to the nearest 10,000th…), I deleted a paragraph relating to Bernoulli’s Principle and Archimedes’ observations on fluid displacement. (When my filling started to overflow, I put it in laymen’s terms: “Use a bigger pie plate and pour slowly.”) Lol. :)

  6. I don’t know that I use coffee in my most thoughtful moments but I certainly need it to face my day.
    I guess during my work week I measure time by the arrival at work of other people. I am usually the first to arrive so as different people arrive I know how much time is passing. On a bigger level I suppose I am glad to live somewhere that has seasons so passing time is more noticeable.
    A wonderful thought provoking quote.

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