A Labor Of Love

It finally cooled down over Labor Day weekend and I took advantage of it to fire up the oven.  Call it a labor of love.

(Kind of a monochromatic labor of love, lol.)

Details — and color — coming soon to a blog near you!

Enjoying life’s subtleties,

~ Kim

27 thoughts on “A Labor Of Love

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    • Hello, Belinda! Working on the pork chop post right now… sorry to dangle the proverbial carrot (or pie, or…) Thanks for your encouraging comments!
      ~ Kim

    • Hello, Laura, and thanks for your comments. It’s catch up time in my kitchen after a blazing hot summer. Hope you get a break in the heatwave soon!
      ~ Kim

  2. I have to time my visits here with my wife’s baking schedule so I can satisfy my hunger sooner after seeing these delicious-looking pictures!

    • Too funny! Sounds like you’ve been blessed with a wife who likes to treat you with lovin’ from the oven, too. :) Thanks for the smile for the day!
      ~ Kim

    • Shirley, it wouldn’t be fair to dangle these goodies in front of your eyes without writing about them soon! (Nothing like a sneak preview to motivate my blog writing, ha!) Thanks for stopping by.
      ~ Kim

    • Hi, Ann! They were a combination of “OPR” (other people’s recipes) I’ve been wanting to try, and some of my own “tried and true” — looking forward to sharing them with you!

  3. Oh my! All of those treats look so yummy! Can’t wait to read about them. Those stuff pork chops look like they’d leave you in a very blissful alpha state… I am looking forward to the meals and treats that cooler weather brings…and the inspiration I glean from your postings…

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