Great Expectations

Sometimes my “food enthusiasm” gets the best of me…

Recently, I posted photos from my oven fest (with nary a recipe) and now I’m faced with the prospect of cramming “how I made it” into one doozy of a post, or stringing you along for another week.  (Thank you so much for putting up with me.)

Here we go…

Nothing says homemade like oatmeal cookies bursting with dried cranberries and white chocolate chips.  When I first saw them on Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts (thank you, Erin), they immediately went on my “must make” list.  (FYI, I pressed mine down with a fork dipped in Turbinado sugar before baking — I love Turbinado-topped cookies.)

Recipes are linked to the photos where applicable — it’s the least I could do for making you read the same thing twice…

As for the pie…

I’ve been cranking out pie crust for 35 years.  Some folks even call me “The Pie Lady,” which requires an explanation.  (And a post of it’s own.)  At the risk of teasing you further, stay tuned…

Then there are these eggs…

My culinary repertoire is due in part to family and friends.  (They know I love to cook and they keep me supplied with recipes — a vicarious by-product of “food enthusiasm.”)  This particular dish was SO tasty — and easy — I made it twice in one weekend!

Click on the large photo for Chef Jenn Louis’ recipe or the small one to link to her restaurant — the slideshow is worth the watch!

*Castelvetrano olives weren’t available, so I used Lindsay Green Ripe Olives and was immensely pleased with the results…


Jumping ahead to the corn bread…

Sorry, no secret Southern recipe to divulge hereI used a mix.  (For shame!)  But the antique “corn stick” pan is an original. :)

Last, but not least…

I was determined to make an oven-worthy meal after the outside (and inside) temp dropped forty degrees.  My mind settled on pork chops… thick, juicy pork chops… with stuffing.

After perusing Food Network’s website for an hour, I finally selected a chef with ties to my (now) home State.

Oklahoma is famous for a number of things, including Will Rogers, rodeos, football, and Guy Fieri.  Guy Fieri?!

(Ardent “Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives” fans may recall when Guy and his Triple D crew descended on Clanton’s Cafe to experience the wonders of Chicken Fried Steak — among other things…)  I’ve dined there — his picture was on the wall!

If you’ve got a hankerin’ for a plate-sized portion of pork, try Guy’s Stuffed Double-Cut Pork Loin Chops.  Prepare yourself.

ASIDE:  I do my best to make a recipe as is the first time out because chefs spend untold hours tweaking tastes and textures.  (I respect that greatly.)  But when push comes to shove, I punt.

Dinner hour was waning so I “hurried up” the brine.  (i.e. I drank the water, coated the chops with Dijon, sprinkled them with the recommended seasonings, and proceeded…)  You know how it is.

Also, since cremini mushrooms are scarce in our neck of the woods (as are Fontina and shallots, unless you add a 3-hour drive to prep time), I made an “alternate” stuffing:  toasted bread cubes tossed with crumbled bacon and onions (sauteed in olive oil/butter/bacon fat), some minced garlic, 1/2 cup of Ricotta, a liberal sprinkle of dried sage, salt and pepper to taste, and enough pork stock to “glue it together.”  Have at it!

Finally (per the recipe), adding the remaining cremini stuffing to the sauce would have been marvelous, but my bread-y revision would’ve yielded “goo.”  (I baked the excess stuffing in a bowl alongside the chops.)  Next time, I’ll plan ahead.  This truly was an extraordinary recipe and it deserved the “as is” treatment!

Gratuitous Slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any “punts” you’d like to share?

Enjoying the thrill of atonement (and a few deviations),

~ Kim

21 thoughts on “Great Expectations

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  2. Guy was here in Norman too at The Diner on Main Street! I will definitely have to make those chops. We had thin pork chops cooked in olive oil and garlic the other night after your mouth watering post… I also baked about 10 dozen cookies this past weekend too. Thanks!

    • Nolita, I must have missed that episode… I know he did one in OKC, too (steaks), but I’ll definitely have to make the drive to Norman one of these days! Pork chops the way you made them sounded great, thick or thin! Isn’t it nice to bake in this cooler weather, too?
      ~ Kim

  3. I know I said this in my last comment but I’m still stuck on those pork chops. Were they amazing because they look like it! Thanks for the heads up on it, maybe I’ll indulge one day soon and make it because those things are calling my name.

    • Here’s the deal, my Food Jaunt friend… don’t expect a small portion (!!!), but expect BIG flavor. (I’d make Guy’s original recipe in a heartbeat, but mine wasn’t too bad either.) :) Advice: If they’re calling your name, answer back!
      ~ Kim

  4. Oh my…those porkchops!!! I am going to have to make this this week!

    I love, LOVE trying to find new places based off of where Guy has been! We recently went to a place by our house the day after it aired. I am still thinking of that beef sandwich with blue cheese sauce. Mmmm.

    Great post as usual :)
    Have a great week!

    • Did you say beef with blue cheese…? That’s one of my favorite combos! By the way, it took us two days to eat ONE of those pork chops, lol! (They were HUGE, but yummy.) Hope you enjoy them, Heather!
      ~ Kim

    • Shirley, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy “blog world” so much — seeing what everyone makes for their families, or their favorite foods, or new things to try. We “share meals” through our blogs! But it would be a blast in person, wouldn’t it?! :)
      ~ Kim

  5. Oh my goodness, the eggs and chops look SO yummy! You know, you can win a game with punts…

    Thanks for the inspiration to cook; it’s as though I’ve forgotten how!

    • Sid, you’ve been a tad busy lately — my cooking slacks off depending on my schedule, too. But I’m glad you’re inspired! And you’re right about punts! :)
      ~ Kim

  6. So nice to read this…Okhlahoma is a nice place and I am glad that you are enjoying there! The pork chops sound great!! But I haven’t heard of cremini mushrooms…we do not get them in Hong Kong/India. Food network always provide a great reference and I frequent the website too!!

    • Purabi, it’s neat how many ingredients there are for cooks to “play” with here, there, and all over. (Some of the ones you’ve mentioned on your blog aren’t available to me either, but I love reading about them.) Thanks for stopping in to visit!
      ~ Kim

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