Saturday Night Sundaes

With just two of us in our household, I generally make half-batches of things.  But, we do end up with leftovers (and leftover ingredients) from time to time — especially when I bake.  Sometimes it’s just a tablespoon of this or a cup of that, but I enjoy “re-inventing” leftovers so they don’t go to waste.

With the number of heavy cream recipes I’ve posted lately, you must think I have a pipeline to the dairy, lol.  (A half-pint goes a long way at our house.)  We really don’t eat dessert 7 days a week, but I needed to use up the Creme de Cacao Whipped Cream (and the rest of the heavy cream…), along with a smattering of white chocolate chips.  Sometimes the best inspirations are the simplest ones.

Begin with an empty wine goblet…

Add two small scoops of chocolate ice cream (drizzled with Creme de Cacao, if desired) and a handful of White Chocolate Ganache stuffed raspberries…

Add a dollop of Creme de Cacao whipped cream, and a spoon…

Then sit down and ENJOY!

Raspberries with White Chocolate Ganache

(requires advance preparation)

1/3 c. heavy cream

1/3 c. white chocolate (I used Ghirardelli white chocolate chips)

Fresh raspberries

In a glass measuring cup, microwave the cream until just boiling.  (Watch so it doesn’t boil over!)  Add white chocolate chips; let sit for 2 minutes to soften.  Stir to combine. 

Cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.  When completely chilled, whip with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.

Place the ganache in a piping bag with a small tip.  Fill each raspberry (previously rinsed and thoroughly dried.)  Chill until serving time.

And if you have leftover raspberries…

Enjoying “re-inventing,”

~ Kim

42 thoughts on “Saturday Night Sundaes

    • After a long, scorching summer, it was nice to relax with stuffed raspberries and a sunset on the deck again! :) Best wishes to you on your move, Erin — looking forward to the details!
      ~ Kim

    • Those spur of the moment inspirations are what make cooking (and eating) fun. Loved your Maque Choux — fabulous flavor — with extra hot sauce, lol. Spice addicts of the world unite! :)
      ~ Kim

  1. Loving the look of those Ganache Raspberries!! :) Lush!
    And Thank you for taking time and going through my 7 posts!! U had real patience going through each one of them and commenting too!! Felt nice reading each one of it! And thanks again for the Tagging!! :)


    • I enjoyed them so much, Rohini, I was making a grocery list in my head as I was reading — that’s the sign of great food! Nice to get to know you through your writing and recipes — it was time well spent!
      ~ Kim

    • Ann, I don’t know which I enjoy more — your comments on my blog or your comments on every blog I visit! Nice to know we travel in the same circles. You’re a bonus to blog world. :)
      ~ Kim

    • Apparently my mind’s been on stuffing lately, eh? :) Thanks for taking the time to comment — I know you’ve been busy after Alaska — and baby James!!!
      ~ Kim

    • You’re entirely welcome, Maia! I’m going to listen to The Appalachian Waltz before retiring this evening. That was SO beautiful and I was blessed by your musical gift.
      ~ Kim

  2. That’s a brilliant idea to use the Creme de Cacao Whipped Cream. Next time u can finish, send some over. LOL! Love the raspberries shot!

    Kim, I’ve been into product reviews too lately. I hope to share my trials & honest opinions with my readers. Hope you’ll like these posts as well & support me with your comments too. I thank u in advance!
    Here’s my latest SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream Review!

    • Shirley, your enthusiasm is contagious! (Plus, you’re a great spokesmodel for the products you endorse.) Thanks so much for your support — I’m trying to figure out how to ship the raspberries. :)
      ~ Kim

      • Kim, thks so much for supporting my product reviews too! I hope the info is useful as a reference for your next shopping trip. Hahaha!

        Shipping the berries?? To me? Gosh, u’re too kind! I’m just afraid the shipping charges gonna cost you more than the berries. I appreciate your kind gesture but pls don’t spend on unnecessary charges. I’ll feel bad…. It’s the thought that counts. I’m just happy to meet you in the blogging world!

        • The berries probably wouldn’t taste the same by the time they got there, lol. You are right. I’m happy to meet you in blogging world, too, Shirley! :)
          ~ Kim

  3. That looks like “chocolate for breakfast” to me. Remind me to post my chocolate chia pudding. I know, that probably sounds way too “healthy” to sit beside your beautiful sundae. But you see, I have this habit of eating chocolate for breakfast. . .

    • Hi, Sue Ann! Like we discussed the other day, “healthy” is in the eye of the beholder — and chocolate for breakfast (in whatever form) is a good thing! :)
      ~ Kim

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