Between Seasons… A Savory Transition

If art imitates life, then food imitates nature… especially when the seasons change.

Cause to celebrate!

Shish kebobs marinated in an earthy balsamic vinaigrette…

Paired with tender-crisp peppers and onions.

Simple and delicious.

(No secret recipe here… just a brief swim in “Newman’s Own” and a spritz of olive oil on the veggies.)

Summer and autumn on a plate.

The best of both.

As the seasons shift, please make it a point…

To savor change.

Enjoying the transition,

~ Kim

30 thoughts on “Between Seasons… A Savory Transition

  1. Kimby, it’s so refreshing to be greeted by your colourful & appetizing post!
    Gosh, I’m so tired & my shoulders are aching……

    Thks so much for visiting my blog during my absence! Remember to come back for more Angry Birds insights. Hahaha!

  2. Your photos are FANTASTIC! Love the complementing colors of the shish kebabs and the autumn leaves. A great way to extend summer grilling into fall if I may say so! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. My hope is that readers will have precisely that kind of reaction, so it’s just really nice to hear!

  3. “If music Is the food of love, play on” – Shakespeare

    I love the colours of autumn too and your kebabs looks really delicious! I agree the simple recipes can often be the best tasting ones as it really just needs the beautiful flavours of fresh ingredients! Spring is here and I am looking forward to some spring lamb :) :)

    • Your Shakespeare quote made me smile. Music, food and love, yessiree. It’s neat to think of you in the Southern hemisphere with Spring budding all around! I listened to Chopin etudes this morning to start my day … ahhhhh.
      ~ Kim

  4. Wow! All of your photos are just incredible gorgeous! I love the quote at the beginning, very well said. I can’t get over these photos they really are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, wonderful post =]

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