Forks In The Road … Pathways To Culinary Pleasure

“Two roads diverged in a wood…  I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

I’ve traveled many roads in my lifetime — from the dusty gravel roads of my youth, laid out in precise square miles in southern Minnesota; to relentless asphalt commutes between work and home during the “busy” years; to the occasional dead-ends on the road of life, which forced me to backtrack and start over; to concrete super-highways spanning America (3,000 miles a week; more, when the hubby and I trucked together); to the twists and turns of scenic by-ways on vacation get-aways; to the red dirt roads that beckon me to wander the Oklahoma hills.  (That’s a whole lotta road in the rearview mirror.)

The intriguing ones would tease “Left, or right?”

Forks in the road require thought — and a response.

Ultimately, they led me to where I am.

In life… and in the kitchen.

In the coming weeks, I invite you to meander as I explore paths on my culinary journey that have made all the difference.

Perhaps you’ll find a few forks along the way.

Enjoying the possibilities,

~ Kim

35 thoughts on “Forks In The Road … Pathways To Culinary Pleasure

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  2. YEs! the wilderness DOES heighten the senses! all of them! I LOVE that! I feel so ALIVE! Well… my lover has spent intimate time in the forest all of his life. Even with that he had never cooked right on the fire. He built the fire and let it burn down to coals and found a perfect sized flat rectangular stone, placed it right on the coals and put wood all around it to keep a small fire burning around it. After about 30 minutes when the spit test sizzled, he placed seasoned salmon wrapped in foil right on the stone. The flavor was outrageous! moist! tender! So. Much. FUN! Magical moment. xo

  3. How much FUN, Kim! LOVE the metaphor of the fork… and the image too… which brought to mind a camping trip this summer in the wilderness where we cooked our food on rocks. Your journeys on the roads you have traversed sound like they are chock full of stories that perhaps one day you will share with us as well. And… I LOVE forks in the road! and in the kitchen! My curiosity is piqued! I look forward to your unfolding culinary journeys… no doubt accompanied by many forks! xo

    • Kathleen, I’d love to hear about your “food on the rocks!” Wilderness adventures heighten the senses and nature is the best dining room. :)
      ~ Kim

  4. I love this Kim… I am intrigued and I would love to know what forks have presented themselves in the kitchen… do they have three tines or four? Are they tarnished from beloved use? Did they get caught in the disposal? So many juicy possibilities for learning and diverging on a different culinary path. Look forward to following your journey in the kitchen of life. I bet you’re cooking up something delicious!

    • Matthew, thanks for the smile! I love Yogi Berra-isms. One of my favorites was when a doctor advised him to cut down on food, so Yogi told his local pizza parlor to cut their pizzas into 6 slices instead of 8… :)

      See ya at that fork in the road!
      ~ Kim

    • Marion, don’t you just love the juxtaposition of food and art? The kitchen (aka haven) is a good place to explore both! :) Looking forward to more of your ‘canvases,’ too!
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, Quay Po! Looking at things in “black & white” gives me a different perspective — less complicated, or simpler somehow. Kind of like a visual palate cleanser! :) Glad it inspired some thoughtful musings.
      ~ Kim

  5. I love the idea of all the forks (and I know that Robert Frost poem well). I’m glad they led you to the kitchen, which is also one of my favorite places. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    • Tracey, sometimes those forks led me OUT of the kitchen, which is why I treasure my time in it so much now. Playing with food (and words) are among my favorite things to do!
      ~ Kim

  6. I love your photos, and I enjoyed reading about your travels through the midwest as well as the US, how trilling it must have been to take a “road trip” with your hubby! FUN.

    • Nasrine, I’m looking forward to writing about some of the places I’ve been (and how they’ve influenced my journey), but my favorite place — like yours — is right where I am. :)
      ~ Kim

    • Shanna, this was kind of an “appetizer-sized post,” lol! I’m looking forward to doing some in-depth writing in the coming weeks. Thanks for your encouragement!
      ~ Kim

  7. Very true and well said. It is good that we confront all the different forks and challenges in life and make some hard decisions that shape our character.

    I look forward to sharing your journey in the coming weeks.

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