Tickled Pink

The other night I was hungry for something simple and satisfying.  Ahhh… red potatoes with parsley and steamed cabbage with cream sauce … that ought to do the trick.  (Pardon me, my Irish is showing.)

One of the basic pleasures in life is cream sauce — white sauce — bechamel.  I generally whip up my own (with success), but I wanted something spectacular to top off my meal.  Mario Batali delivered.

(Not to my house, mind you… although, wouldn’t that be nice!)

After investing the time and “TLC” in Mario’s recipe (which was worth every second it took to produce this luscious, creamy, THICK sauce), I proceeded out to the deck to take pictures.

Wait a minute… the sauce looks pink.  (It wasn’t.)  PINK, I’m telling ya!

Was it picking up the hue from the potatoes?  Hmmm…  I adjusted angles and fiddled with the focus.

And then…

I looked up… and around.

Sunsets are the basic pleasure in life — pink bechamel and all.

Enjoying the Light,

~ Kim

27 thoughts on “Tickled Pink

    • It caught me by surprise, Maia, but it was a fun way to “express myself.” I’m sure Mario Batali has never served a pink bechamel! :) Enjoy all of your musical endeavors this fall and winter!
      ~ Kim

  1. Pink bechamel? Cool! I’ve just experimented on a sauce too & it tasted divine. It’s yellow for me tho. I’ve a weakness for pink. Lol! Sorry for dropping by late. Better late than never. Hahaha!

    • That’s okay, Shirely, I’m replying late, too! (Busy week… plus earthquakes!!) I loved your yellow sauce (luscious lemon and pan-seared scallops… yum!) Thankfully, mine was just an optical illusion — it really was a creamy color and tasted lovely. I appreciate your comments, Shirley, thank you!
      ~ Kim

  2. LOL, Nice to know you have the friendly Irish blood in you, I won;t tell any Irish jokes then….only joking! :)

    Everytime I come to your blog, I feel like I’m in a beautiful place, let alone all your wonderful food. The pic on your blog header somehow reminds me of Lake Como and also the beautiful scenes from Casino Royale :)

    • I’m so glad you feel the peace we enjoy here. I love your Sydney harbor shots (and picnics!) — smiling at the thought of Casino Royale! :) Thanks again for your comments and support!
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, Sue Ann! I’ve come to appreciate the cues I get from my stomach and it’s a lot happier when I pay attention to them. It wasn’t always that way! Older but wiser? :)
      ~ Kim

    • Oooh, I wish I would have known that! I met another Okie blogger last month when they vacationed on our beautiful shores (less than 10 miles from our house!) — it’s a delight to put a “face to the name!” Give me a shout next time you’re headed in this direction — I’ll feed you!
      ~ Kim

    • Thanks, Christine! I’ve been “following my tastebuds” lately and surprised myself by only wanting vegetables for dinner! But no wonder — there are so many great veggie recipes out in blog land — including your Fancy Green Beans. I’m looking forward to trying them!
      ~ Kim

    • We will have to think up something lovely to put Mario’s lovely Bechamel on… it might take TWO glasses of wine before we think of just the right thing!
      ~ Kim
      P.S. The Man Of Few Words says he’ll do the dishes. :)

  3. Yum! I start off with a bechamel sauce then add in grated cheese to make my mac n cheese that everyone loves. I added tuna and peas last week and it was so nice and comforting. Love to finish it in the oven with panko bread crumbs (if I have them). Gorgeous sunset!

    • Nolita, I started drooling at “grated cheese…” :) Crumb topping (especially panko) on ANY oven baked dish is a treat! “Comforting” says it all!
      ~ Kim

    • Jenna, it was one of those sauces (and sunsets) I couldn’t get enough of…! We’ve been having technicolor skies ever since the solar storm last week. Pretty amazing to witness the grandeur on a daily basis — I feel very blessed!
      ~ Kim

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