29 thoughts on “Autumn In My Back Yard

    • That was such a neat comment — forgetting where you are… that’s the whole point of my blog, I guess. I often forget where I am, too — just enjoying this little slice of heaven. :) So glad to share it with you and that you found it relaxing!
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, Melissa! Looking forward to your photos — you have a gift for “seeing” things through your lens and sharing them so beautifully. Take care!
      ~ Kim

  1. Here in Texas it seems like we have 2 seasons… summer and winter. And out winters are mild. Except last winter, we were iced in for 6 days. Beautiful photos… well done.

    • Hi, Christine! We had our share of snow and ice last winter in Oklahoma, too; thought I was in Minnesota again, lol! I hope autumn lasts all the way through December 21st (first day of winter) for you this year! Thanks for your kind comments. :)
      ~ Kim

    • Not to worry, Heather! It’s been a really sporadic autumn for me, too — I’d rather be home all of the time (preferrably writing and cooking!), but “life” doesn’t always work out that way. And ANY time you comment, it’s a treat! LOVE your ideas for enjoying the autumn leaves, too! :)
      ~ Kim

    • Thank you, Tiffany! I’m looking forward to enjoying more of our scenery with a plateful of your Farfelle & Roasted Peas & Cream Sauce this weekend!
      ~ Kim

    • Jenna, some photos just leap out at you (or me…) — begging to be taken. Right place at the right time. :) You know what that’s like! And thank you!
      ~ Kim

      • We are hanging on. Last night’s was nothing compared to Saturday’s quake which was a little unnerving. Of course last night we had tornadoes and t-storms. Our little airport sustained some wind damage (or possible tornado) and the tornado siren near our radars was blown down. Ready for some calm…

    • Thank you, Ann! I admire your food photography (lol, almost wrote phood photography!), too! Taking pictures of nature is my way of unwinding from “the day” — second to spending time in the kitchen, of course. :) Thanks for stopping by!
      ~ Kim

  2. What classic clicks!! My lawn looks similar but I don’t think I can capture these moments like how u have done!! My back is gone after raking all the leaves last weekend! :(

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my “cheese” post and pasta recipe!! Glad u liked it…not a professional in writing skills but I try! :)

    • Rohini, I enjoy what you write and what you COOK! I haven’t begun to rake yet — those were just the “little leaves!” We have old oak trees with 6 inch leaves… when they start shedding, I start raking!
      ~ Kim
      P.S. Hope your back is okay…!

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