Treat Yourself

Before the busiest season in the kitchen begins and we all start whipping up favorites for our loved ones, ask yourself… what would you like?

While the focus of the holidays is on others (joyfully so), sometimes during the process of planning, prep and presentation, we tend to neglect ourselves.

Isn’t there something you’d like to make — just for you?

I spied the recipe (thank you, Li’a!) for these beautiful Panzerotti di Patate (Potato Croquettes) some months back and immediately put them on my food wish list.

I thought about them, dreamed about them (yes, I dream about food), and finally… made them.  Just for me.

After one crunchy, creamy bite, I declared them sooooo yummy that I couldn’t resist treating The Man Of Few Words to a batch later on.  Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

What’s on your food wish list?  Treat yourself!

Enjoying a little pre-holiday happiness… and the joy of sharing,

~ Kim

38 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

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    • Repeat after me: “I’m worth it!” Investing a little time (and treats) are good for the soul and recharge you for all that you do for others. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm! Woman! I wish we lived close to each other! I just don’t do this sort of thing! “Before the busiest season in the kitchen begins and we all start whipping up favorites for our loved ones…”
    sighhhhhh… gonna keep reading and perhaps some of your food magic will rub off on me. LOVE your presentation here. Such an ARTIST!

    • Kathleen, I get the impression that dinner at your house is spontaneous and fun! My hubby & I don’t eat at “regular” intervals (aka generic mealtimes) thanks to “the trucking years” honing down our appetites. We only eat when we’re hungry, so I probably have a little more artistic license (and time) to play with my food.. :) “Festive” was what I was going for — glad you liked it!
      ~ Kim

  4. OMG potato croquette (Japanese call it Korokke) is my favorite food! It’s been always my #1 food that my mom cooks. We pour or dip in Tonkatsu sauce to eat it. Looking at your croquette makes me want to cook again. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hey lady! Wise men think alike?? I just made these & will be posting them soon. Lol! We call it Perkedel or Bergedil in S’pore & it’s with beef. Looks like we’ve got same taste too :)

    Kimby, u’re making me hungry with your lovely dish! Gotta go for my lunch now :)

    • Thanks, Melissa! I learned a long time ago, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” :) Sometimes all it takes is a bite or a taste, but life is so much better when I follow my stomach….. I mean heart. :)

  6. Hmmmm – what would I like just for me?? You got me thinking now. I think that I want some seafood! Maybe some pan seared scallops alongside a creamy roasted red pepper puree with a hint of chipolte. That is what I want just for me.

    Ok, now I want to make that – LOL

  7. Those look great!!!! Would love the recipe!!!!! I think my favorite about me holiday food will be bon bons like my grandma use to make, coconut and sugary goodness dipped in chocolate! I’ll only eat about 6 of them but that’s enough to hold me over until next year!
    P.S. Watch my page for some exciting news. Hopefully I’ll get it posted this evening!!!!

    • Those bon bons definitely sound like a treat! (I’ve never tried making them, but I like eating them!) Sounds like you’re cooking up more than just bon bons there — will be over to your blog in a minute! :)
      ~ Kim

    • Dear sweet Isabelle! So tickled you liked my “unorthodox” holiday treat! I will definitely be making these again… and again… and… :) Hope you make something special “just for you,” too!
      ~ Kim

    • Tina, I’m a sweet-tooth like you wouldn’t believe, but when it comes to potatoes… or dumplings… or noodles… what can I say? (That’s the Bohunk side of me showing….aka Czech!)

      I’m so glad you mentioned the link — I was hoping it didn’t get lost in the midst of the oohing and ahhing. :) Thanks again for commenting — I appreciate your support!
      ~ Kim

    • Sid, I’m still giggling over your plaid comment. :) I love the way you look at things! My holiday joy is increasing exponentially because of your unique take on life — thanks for stopping by. (And let me know what tastes good with plaid!)
      ~ Kim

  8. Kim, when I read your sentence “Isn’t there something you’d like to make — just for you?” I immediately broke into a smile.
    Angel food cake for Christmas breakfast. I’ve started doing it every year, and I don’t even know how much my in-laws like it–but I’m doing it for ME! So I don’t have to worry about whether anyone else thinks it’s an awesome tradition (which it is) or not.

    • Jenna, that IS awesome! Angel food cake often gets overlooked — or over-topped. What a simple and sublime (not to mention appropos) way to celebrate Christmas morning. Enjoy every bite!
      ~ Kim

  9. Thank you for your comment and for the wonderful family tradition you shared — I love learning how folks spend their special times together, especially when food plays a part in the memories.

    Thanks, too, for your tip on freezing these… now I can make them ahead to enjoy anytime, WOOHOO! (That, dear F., was the sound of pure JOY!) :)
    ~ Kim

  10. Mmm that looks so good! We have similar potato croquettes here in Kuwait, and my family usually eats them during Ramadan. They freeze really well!

    I’m definitely craving some now…

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