Tiramisu with Bailey’s Irish Cream

I have to hand it to the gift-givers in my life — they sure know how to make me ooh and aah.  Take this gorgeous set of plates from my sister…

The only way to describe their color is Northern Lights.  (A befitting gift from my Minnesota sis, eh?)  With their deep amber/reddish center surrounded by luxurious rays of gold/green/brown (depending on the light), I needed to make a dessert befitting of their wonder.

Leave it to my friend, Shirley (Welcome To Shirley’s Luxury Haven) to supply just the thing.  Tiramisu with Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Ooh!  Aah!

While Tiramisu is traditionally made by dipping lady fingers in espresso or coffee-flavored liqueur, the good folks at Bailey’s now make a “a hint of coffee” version, too — the best of both worlds.

Thus, a befitting dessert was born.  Or rather, re-created.  I made this dessert to participate in Shirley’s “DIY This Christmas with 12 Lovely Recipes” challenge and I’m so-o-o glad I did.

Which just goes to prove that good things happen when you leave milk and cookies out for Santa.

Enjoying the wonder of it all,

~ Kim

23 thoughts on “Tiramisu with Bailey’s Irish Cream

  1. I like the new look of your blog! Also, the dessert is one of my favorites and the idea of using Baileys is great, definitely one worth trying-yum!
    The plates are beautiful, I love getting gifts for my kitchen or dining room. Have a great day!

    • Tina, I’ve gotten so many wonderful gifts for my cooking endeavors, I can’t even begin to count! That’s half the fun of it, isn’t it? Encouragement from family & friends means the world to me. :)

  2. Thank u Kim, for trying out my recipe & I’m delighted it was a success! Your Tiramisu pix has been added to my slide in my blog & also @ my Readers’ Corner in Facebook.

    Tried to add your link & info in the album but it think Facebook is still in a holiday mood, it just refuses to let me edit or add any info. Lol! Will try again later :)

    Gorgeous plating indeed, to pair with this wonderful dessert! Love it, dear!

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