Rhapsody In Blue III

This afternoon as I hung out the laundry, a thought occurred to me.  Most days are an accumulation of ordinary moments.

Then I looked up at the old tree across our back yard.  At first glance, it was just a silhouette against an azure sky.

But upon closer inspection, I noticed something wonderful.

The difference between mundane and memorable is love.

Enjoying the magic of ordinary moments,

~ Kim

42 thoughts on “Rhapsody In Blue III

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  2. Ah, your writing, your photos your reminder to me always has been slow down, take time to enjoy the moments that make a wonderful life. Look at the trees, look at the flowers, smell them, be one with them. Take the time to simply indulge in all that is around you. They’re all blessings!

  3. Beautiful post, Kimby. It make me think of another blog I read in which the writer’s husband died suddenly. She said it’s the ordinary moments she remembers most, not the birthdays and the holidays and the other milestones. The ordinary moments….so poignant.

    • Tracey, that’s why YOUR writing appeals to me. You capture the essence of moments, happening in “real time.” I can relate to the writer you mentioned — my brother passed away at a young age, and the things I remember most are not his birthdays or other special occasions — just John ‘n’ me moments. Thanks for the reminder… xo

  4. My dear,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It’s beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked. I think we’re going to get along just fine! ;)
    I’d like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased.
    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often


    • Hi, Elizabeth! I was thinking you were the one who notices things — very well I might add — it’s always a pleasure to see your views on the world (and Oklahoma) via your words and pictures! Thanks for coming by!

  5. Mike, we’ve lived in apartments, trailer houses, a 100 yr old Victorian home and of course, “the truck” at various points in time. We also did the laundromat thing for years, until recently. (My first washer and dryer in YEARS!) But I hang the laundry out every chance I get — I think you’re right — it’s that smell — and if I figure out a way to send you some, I will. :)

    • Christy, I loved the way you said “So special when you catch them and really see…” Being able to “really see” has been a blessing for me and I’m so glad it blessed you, too!

  6. Dear Kimby,

    Rhapsody in Blue is one of my fave Gershwin numbers. The heart on the tree might be even more special if it was made by a couple of young lovers many years ago.

    I think it is little moments and images like these that make life worth living. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.

  7. Dear Friend,

    Since my bout with breast cancer, I tend to see ORDINARY moments as EXTRAORDINARY events. I think, in this, you and I are Kindred Spirits! Thanks for sharing all your lovely, “ordinary moments”!

    • Purabi, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by that tree, but this was the first time I noticed ‘the heart!” I love it when things like that happen — they’re meant to be! :)

  8. Lovely post! People these days tend to forget to look for rushing around so much in their materialistic daily lives that they miss out on so many beautiful things that don’t need money to buy.
    This gave me a nice fuzzy feel.
    Thank you, Kim.

    • Ping, your thoughts on rushing around are so true. I’m glad this post gave you “the warm fuzzies” — now you’ve passed them on to me. :) Thank you!

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