A Slice of Southern Sunshine… in Hawaii

If Spring isn’t coming quickly enough for you…

and Waikiki sounds mighty good about now…

Head on over to my Guest Post at Savour The Senses!

Last fall when Jenny invited me to join her “Featured Foodie Friday” series, I was ecstatic!  Not only does she have a sense of adventure outside of the kitchen (she recently made the transition from snowboard to surfboard!), Jenny also works at Morimoto Waikiki…

When you visit her blog, I hope you’ll spend time getting to know this delightful, talented young lady.

In the meantime, I invite you to join us for a slice of Southern sunshine… in Hawaii!

Aloha, y’all. :)

Enjoying a jump start on Spring,

~ Kim

30 thoughts on “A Slice of Southern Sunshine… in Hawaii

    • Ally, I was trying to think of a better way to describe the lemon sauce (besides the fact that I licked the spoon…and the pan…and the plate…) It’s like “subtle homemade lemon meringue pie filling” — only thinner — if that makes sense. Hope you give it a try! Thanks for stopping in!

  1. Ah … Hawaii … that must have been yonks ago … let’s say about 30 lbs ago? :D Good memories …
    Going over to ogle at your lovely slice of sunshine ….
    Have a good weekend!

    • Ping, I’m nowhere near “beach attire size” either :) but that doesn’t stop me from having a good time, lol. (Haven’t been to Hawaii yet, though… hopefully sometime in this lifetime.) Thanks for making me smile! And so glad you have lovely memories to recall!

    • Tina, it has felt like a long winter this year for some reason (even though the weather’s been fairly mild) — I think we’re all due for some sunshine and WARM weather. Thanks for visiting me over at Jenny’s too — much appreciated!

  2. How fun that you got to take a virtual trip to Hawaii. I’d love to visit one day in person. Everyone says it’s so beautiful. Your cake sounds delicious… maybe something to make for my mother-in-law when she visits next week.

    • Shary, I’d love to go there in person, too! By the way, the cake makes a great base for fresh berries and even trifles (cut into cubes) — let me know if want more ideas before your Mom-in-law visits!

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