Treats & Treasures II

Let it be known for the record that I am not a shopper.

Or at least not your typical shopper…

(Unless you count going to the grocery store amongst your greatest thrills.)

But, every once in a while, a girl’s gotta shop… in which case, I head for the Flea Market.

And then… I come home with my “treasures.”

“You got what?” is the typical response from The Man Of Few Words, accompanied by a grin. :)

(He’s grown accustomed to my avante-garde acquisitions…)

Meet my new paper weight...

Inevitably, they’re linked to…


Which brings me to these babies — $3.00 for a set of six!

(Believe me, I count my blessings.)

Which leads me to an ongoing debate…

which I’d like to settle, once and for all.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Look again, people… it’s overflowing.

(Even when it’s empty.)

Enjoying the inevitable,

~ Kim

19 thoughts on “Treats & Treasures II

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  2. What a TREASURE! You have piratess blood in you just like me! LOVE IT!

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, Kim, and sending me this post! oh my WOMAN are we tuned in or what! I just finished writing out a dream which I have named… The Child & Neptune! Powerful visitation in my sleep… and just come out of that writing to THIS! I better do my webinar on Neptune this week before Neptune gets into its more tempestuous moods!

    Your post = Art. The most nourishing kind, Kim. So exquisite. Truly a Jewel. Those glasses! I yearn. Yet the water through the glass… yes, it is overflowing with emptiness! how exquisite! and your writing? just a delight. With so much of the written world out there, yours rejuvenates and refreshes. Thank you for it!

  3. First-I want to go shopping with you
    Second-wherever you took those photos of the glasses…I so want to sip margaritas out of them. What a beautiful backdrop.

  4. Ha, ha, I could so relate to the shopping. I break out in a cold sweat if I have to go shopping for shoes or clothing, even pillowcases. Yes, I finally had to break down and purchase pillowcases when there was more “pillow” peaking through than “case” covering.

    Now FOOD, that’s a different story. I can roam a market for hours on end taking in the sights, scents and sounds, checking out the baskets of fellow shoppers and imagining what they’ll prepare with their stash.

    I love how you can turn the ordinary glass into an extraordinary delight with your words and your photography.

    As for the question: Is the glass half-empty or half-full? MY cup runneth over.

  5. Love your photos and the words that you intertwine with them. Magical and your posts always inspire me to be lost in both the visual and written creative force of both mediums. I too think the glasses are overflowing with pure joy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, your talent and your reality.

  6. Ooooh! I’d love to have those glasses. Shopping for stuff other than food is pointless in Cayman…everything is WAY too expensive. Thanks for letting me get my vicarious ‘shop’ on :)

  7. Those glasses are beautiful and I am envious of your paper weight. I take it you don’t have a paperless office? Or is to weigh down napkins when out enjoying your view LOL
    By the way I am certainly a glass half full type :)

  8. Kim, I LOVE those glasses! What a freaking steal. I also have to say… the bits n’ pieces of blog copy interspersed with the photos… nice touch. Multiple photos of the Neptune Water Meter-turned paperweight? Arty + intriguing. NICE. :)

    • Ann, I almost fainted when he said $3 for the SET… I asked, “How much for these?” (holding up ONE GLASS!) I love that we’re shopping twins. :)

  9. By the way… the Neptune Meter Company began manufacturing Trident water meters in 1892. Don’t know how old this one is (don’t care, either) — I just LOVE it!

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