Let Them Eat Cake…

I promised you cake.

Not just any cake.

Fudge-y, chocolate-y, mousse-y cake sooooo decadent you must beware the power of The Dark Side………

You get the picture.

As is my custom when the calendar rolls around to that fateful day marking my arrival in this world, I spend weeks — even months — in search of “The” Cake that will grace my table, and ultimately my tongue.  Where, oh where does one turn to fulfill such a primal request?

Food blogs, of course.  (Thank y’all so much for doing what you do!)

After drooling over many a fine recipe, I clicked on Gourmantine’s Blog and spied what she simply called:

Ultimate Chocolate Cake.

Need I say more?

Okay, you know me by now…

Not being one to leave chocolate well enough alone, I decided to top it with even more chocolate… the darker, the better.  Enter The Harried Cook‘s Chocolate Ganache Frosting.

Words cannot describe the wonder…

It was so dark… yet so light…  after one taste, I felt like I could quite possibly levitate the serving tray. ;)

Enjoying the chocolate side of The Force,

~ Kim

30 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake…

  1. Needless to say I’m loving that cake! But even more than the generosity that oozes from you is the magic you create with your camera. The spring green backdrop on those plates illuminating the rich dark chocolate is simply stunning.

  2. I’m so happy the recipe turned out well and you’ve like it!!! Makes me very very very happy to hear it. Now to top it with even more chocolate… is so so good (naughty, but good :) ), I have to try this with Marsha’s ganache next time! :)

    • Ally, I didn’t realize my reply to you hadn’t posted. (I’ve been having “issues” with my comment section… hello… WordPress… can you hear me now…?) Anyway… to answer your question… Yes ma’am, absolutely! :)

  3. My hubby usually buys a delicious fudgy chocolate cake from a local bakery for my birthday. But… it closed. :(

    I haven’t baked my own birthday cake before (does that make my sound spoiled?), but this looks so perfect that I think this year I might. Yum!

    • Shary, the only reason I make my own cake is because I have no one else to make one for me, unless I want a “Twinkie” with a candle in it from The Man Of Few Words. ;) You don’t sound spoiled at all — just surrounded by family — or bakers — or former bakeries! :)

  4. I love how you spend the time leading up to your b-day fantasizing about the perfect cake. =) Anticipation makes the final results all the sweeter, I’m sure. And that cake . . . oh that cake. It makes me wish I loved baking, because the eating part would be no problem.

    • Jenna, I have a “potential birthday cakes” file! :) Anticipating is half the fun… but so is sharing. (Which is why I waited to make it until my sister was here!) Twice the fun, half the calories, lol!

  5. Ooooh … I’m coming with you to the dark side … I’m the one you don’t want to be on your side of the war … I’d leave at the first second if I get this! The force, blame it on the force! Happy arrival day!

    • Yes it was, and Gourmantine’s original recipe is easy to follow. My hubby gave me a kitchen scale for my birthday, so I was anxious to try it with the “gram” measurements! (Let me know if you’d like the “Americanized” measurements.) Also, I used a combination of semisweet and unsweetened chocolate (the original recipe says “dark chocolate”) — I used 6 squares of semisweet and 4 squares plus 1/2 square unsweetened chocolate. (10+1/2 ounces total.) Folding in the egg whites gradually and gently is what gives this cake it’s unique texture — kind of like mousse crossed with cheesecake? It’s divine!

  6. Oh my! Now that’s a really chocolaty post… LOVE the cake… it looks amazing.. ultimate is a great word for it! I need to try Gourmantine’s recipe soon! And I am glad the ganache worked out well :) My husband would inhale this cake! Great post, Kimby!

    • Marsha, your ganache was “just right” for this! I made 1/4 batch of it since I only intended to use it as a “garnish.” (It was supposed to have pretty little piped rosettes around the edges, but my pastry bag BLEW UP while I was doing it, lol, and squirted all over the cake…. so… a “frosted middle” it became, ha!) Now you now the rest of the story. :)

    • Lol, Tina — I could see us fork fighting and enjoying every minute of it — and the smile on the “victor’s” face. I’ll make it easy on ya and just share. :)

  7. I need a piece of that cake a to the sap. YUM. It looks amazing so I can only imagine how it taste.

    Hmm. Finding the perfect cake for your birthday…I really like that idea!

    I am in favor of always being on the chocolate side of the force. (even though I have never seen the movies from which that phrase comes from)

    • Christy, that cake really WAS amazing! I’ve never had a “texture” like it — very intriguing and definitely on my “must make” list, over and over! Thanks for stopping in to comment. :)

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