My “State Of The Blog” address

Most of the time, my life appears downright delightful — even shiny at times.

Then I take a step back and a bigger picture emerges (or sneaks up on me), full of light and shadow…

And lurking in the corner of that chair is the ever-present desire in my heart.

(Allow me to zoom in, if you will.)

Beneath this still-life glimpse of my life (which is anything but still) is the undercurrent of my life.  Hence, my “State Of The Blog” address.  Harrumph, ahem.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, ladies and gentlemen — wherever life may find you at the present moment.

This month, I celebrated a blogiversary (hoohah, one whole year!), as well as a birthday — no significant “milestones,” although at my age I consider being alive as significant and a milestone :) — plus, I came to a realization.  I celebrate realizations, too!

I’ve never been happier in my whole entire, shiny, shadowy life than this past year.  Yippee!

Between working, tending to the home fires (and The Man Of Few Words), playing piano for church and choir, cavorting with my musical buddies, taking a class, cooking, eating, blogging, photography, sleeping, yada yada, you know the routine — (and for those of you who accomplish such feats with young family members in tow, I express extreme admiration) — I finally feel like I’m doing “what I’m supposed to be doing with my time on this planet” — and I couldn’t be more delighted!

The trick, however, is fitting it all in.

Some days I feel a bit spread thin.  Which is why I only blog about once a week. :)

I’m also writing a novel.

There, I’ve said it — out loud and in public.

In the ol’ there are only so many hours in a day game, I’ve been filling my time with words.  Lots of them.  And I’m loving it!  But, I’ve also come to realize I’m human.  (Another realization to celebrate, especially since it took me over half a century to figure it out… never mind.)

In the coming months, I’ll be devoting the majority of my “free time” (insert maniacal laughter here) to my literary pursuits.  Ahem, pursuit.  Writing.

But never fear — a little lunch will still be here!

If there’s one place I enjoy frequenting as often as the lake, it’s “blog world.”  This community links me to you — your thoughts/ideas/recipes/adventures/lives — and I simply cannot do without you.

Yes, I will be spending untold hours on “writing”…

But YOU will always be a part of the picture.

Thank you.

This concludes my State of the Blog address. :)

Enjoying bright and beautiful friendships,

~ Kimby

31 thoughts on “My “State Of The Blog” address

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  3. “I’m also writing a novel.” Love love LOVE it Kim!!!! Yes, you ARE writing a novel. Look at you go, woman. I am SO impressed + blessed by you. And I fully expect to be able to say, “I knew her when…” about you, my dear. Your writing is exquisite, and even more importantly, your HEART is exquisite.

    And yes, I love your sense of humor and your…ahem… State of the Blog address. Congratulations on realizing you’re ‘human’! Lots of people go their whole lives and never really understand that simple yet very powerful truth.

    And finally… these photos are brilliant. Love the shiny, shadowed, and ‘under the surface’ eclectic mix. So creative! Wouldn’t expect anything less from you, sweets. xoxo

  4. Happy anniversary Kimby! One year is a great milestone and I wish you many more to come!. I have even bigger congratulations to you on starting your novel, it’s so exiting and wonderful thing and I send many creative thoughts your way! Hope to read one day the finished version :)

  5. Happy Blogiversary! And well done on writing a novel! How cool is that? I hope you remember all of us when you’re a famous writer :) Perhaps you’ll post a ‘segment’ one of these days for us!

  6. Congrats! March has been a celebratory month for you. One thing that this post reflects is that you are a busy bee and are very comfortable and happy in your life. The second and third are things that some people never attain and I am glad you are there.
    In my struggle to manage everything, I do feel that time is in control rather than me so I can sympathize. Pursing your passion does make things better though. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    PS. Love the silver elegance in the photos!

  7. You have to keep us all posted on how this pursuit goes. It is so great when things in your life are all heading in the right direction.

    I am already choosing my suit for the book launch in NYC

    Best of luck

  8. OOoooooo that PLATTER!! so soooooooooullllllFULL! You know SOUL, Woman! soul in sacred ordinary house objects… SOUL in nature, the diverse personages of trees and lakes… SOUL in stories like THESE… how to capture our attention with HUMOR and PLAY! I LOVE to play with you!

    And now… even deeper soul… taking us with you on the soul journey of this novel. Even as it is being crafted. You’ve shown me the setting, the place, and the woman. I am ready!

    This exquisite platter resonates with a silver teapot of my mother’s that i polished for her as a child. Deep soul. I want to have coffee with you using this platter (coffee pot, yes?) and sit at the altar of each of your treasures and just ommmmmmmm. Sit on the deck communing with the trees and just breathe. And then… write from that centerpoint of my existence.

    I am about to create a home that begins to touch on this…

    I celebrate in your HAPPIEST YEAR EVER LIVED, Kim!!! It will continue… because you will make it so.

  9. I adore your writing, you photos, your ideas, your whole vibe! I know if I lived close by we would indeed be friends. What a delight it is to learn of all of your wonderful hobbies. Happy Birthday and how AWEsome is it to know that you love what you’re doing here on mother earth. I am so looking forward to reading your novel.

  10. You’re writing a book!!! How wonderful to hear that :) Can I have an autographed copy once it’s published? Happy Blog anniversary and birthday wishes to you too :) You are a joy to know and I am so glad to have you in my life… I love reading your posts, and if they’re going to be published once a week, I will take them gratefully!

    Beautiful pictures too! :) More power to you! Blessings… Marsha

  11. Happy Birthday Kim and Blogiversary. You’re always shiny to me!

    p.s. Glad you’re finally starting a novel. You will do very well.

  12. Beautiful photos and great post :)

    YAY! For writing a novel! You can do this!

    So glad you are pouring into your literary efforts….it is going to be fab.

  13. Kimby, you are such a beautiful soul and I adore your writing skills, so I am super excited about your novel!!! Best wishes to you. :) Congrats on the blogiversary!! We bloggers are selfless with our time giving back our talents to the world, so it’s important that we remind ourself not to make ourselves crazy in the process! Not always an easy task, so I can totally relate. :) Keep up the amazing work! I enjoy your posts!!

    • Many thanks, Amee! You’re right about not making ourselves crazy in the process… breathe, girl, breathe :) (and WRITE!) I’m grateful for your enthusiastic support!!

  14. That is amazing Kim!! Glad to hear it. Likewise, spread thin here too. Kids take time, homeschooling, etc. Like you said… you know the routine! I’m so proud of you and your works to come! Keep us updated with exciting adventures you have. Congratulations!

    • Andrea, what a wonderful thing you’re doing for your children! Homeschooling is a time-cruncher, but worth the effort (or so I hear) — even so, I’m hoping there’s a lawn chair with your name on it somewhere in the near vicinity! Take care & THANKS for the kind wishes!

  15. Wow!! A novel!! Are you going to share any details here? I’d love to know more . . . Hope you’re enjoying the writing journey to the fullest!

  16. “full of light and shadow…”

    Kimby, I am stealing that. With attribution, of course.

    And congratulations! Write, write, write. I know you can do it.

  17. Kimby!! Your ‘State of the Blog’ address was much more inspiring and easy to understand and practical, aahhummmm, a book, no less, than other ‘states of the whateveeevahhh’ I’ve listened to over the decades (and I admit I go back to JFK!)! You get a blog out weekly…I’m ultra eeeemmmmpresssed…dang, I gotta come out to your Okie world and take lessons…I’m still choking as the tentacles of the social media world control my life…arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! xoxo Ally (aka one of your beeegest fans!_

    • Ally, thank you for pointing out that “State of the whateveeevahh’s” don’t have to be dry and dull! (and I admit that I go back that far, too!) :)

      Also, sorry for having to retype the whole shebang onto my FB page — this comment difficulty thing is driving me craaaazy… I actually replied to your comment (THIS ONE) this morning, and now it’s GONE. Errrr…

  18. Hey sweetie, this thingy looks kinky!! Hahaha! U always showing us all your treasures. How lovely!

    Happy anniversary, dear! Giveaway?? Awesome! Really looking fwd to what you’ve installed for us………

    Oh, I was taken aback when I read that u’ve never coloured your hair. I need to “indulge” in this as I’m having few strands of grey hair already :< Sigh!

    Do chk out this cool toy that I've just gotten: Achieve Sexy Legs With Schick Intuition Razor! See u there :)

    • Shirley, you are such a bright spot in my day (or middle of the night, here!) Lol at “kinky!”

      No, for the record, I’ve never colored my hair. Yes, for the record, it does include a multitude of gray — make that SILVER — (which my daughter describes as looking like “tinsel”) — another tidbit for my “bright and shiny” post. :) Thanks again for commenting!

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