Flowergram IV and… Giveaway Winners!

First of all, allow me to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners of my giveaway.  I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties (and then some…) with my blog… and Internet Explorer… and Google Chrome… and everything else I’ve tried, short of hand-delivering this announcement to you.  (Although that would be fun!)

To make up for the suspense, I’m sending ALL Y’ALL a bouquet. :)

True to form, the Man Of Few Words lived up to his end of the deal by drawing names out of the hat, and….

One last tease…

The winners of my blogiversary giveaway are…

Tina aka flourtrader – gourmet chocolate,

~ and ~

Missy of Guns, Grub, and Other Goodies – your choice of Cattledrive, Statehood, or Homestead (decaffeinated) coffee.

Congratulations, ladies!   (I’ll be in touch re: shipping info, etc.)

THANKS to everyone who entered my giveaway — I hope you had as much fun as I did!  (You’re ALL winners in my book.)  To those of you whose names weren’t drawn (or who joined the party after all was said and done), stay tuned…

There’s another event to celebrate, coming soon to a blog near you!

Enjoying the suspense,

~ Kim

P.S.  Since this post was brief, here are the links Flowergram I, II & III ( herehere, and here) — you can never have too many flowers!

31 thoughts on “Flowergram IV and… Giveaway Winners!

  1. Aw shucks, well I guess I can’t win ’em all. ;) Congrats to the winners! Love your pretty white irises. I have a mixture of colors and only the deep purple ones have started blooming so far. Those are my favorite, so I’m sad they’re already dying and soon I’ll only be left with “second best.” But color is color, and God’s creations are all wonderful!

    Anyway, I wanted to invite you to Jenna’s virtual baby shower so send me an email to vraklis@yahoo.com (be sure to give your blog link in the message so I can keep track of who I’ve reached) and I’ll send you all the details. Thanks!

    • Veronica, I already e-mailed you about Jenna’s baby shower — FUN! (Thank you!) I marvel at God’s creation — each flower is so unique and special. My “Okie wild flowers” (the one that serves as my avatar) just started blooming today. Can you say Flowergram V…?!

      P.S. Your name (and everyone who commented on this post and the last one — even after the deadline) is entered in my “Second Chance Giveaway!” :)

    • Christy, I think the “Flowergrams” are among my favorite posts. :) It’s especially nice knowing how much they’re enjoyed — thank you.

  2. You would fit right in with my flower-loving extended family. My aunt and mother have whole albums on facebook with pics of plants and flowers in their gardens. =) I didn’t inherit the green thumb (or the desire to have one) but that just makes me admire it in others all the more. Beautiful flowers!!

  3. WOW! Me, really? Are you going to deliver it so I can feed you something yummy??? I’m so excited, a great start to my day! P.S. I’ll try anything but decaf. ;-) These days I need all the caffeine I can get.
    OH, and I have one Iris blooming, one of these days it’ll be as big a bunch as yours.

    • Shary, I can’t take any credit for the flowers… they just magically appear every Spring. :) But I enjoy each and every one of them — and you!

    • Sue Ann, I’m tickled to share your wisdom on nutrition, living life to the fullest, and… yes… the merits of eating chocolate for breakfast! Love ya!

  4. Omg- I am the lucky one! Thank you so much Kim, I am excited about these clusters. Also, your flowers look so amazing, I am tempted to buy some to brighten up our home. We have wild flowers here but they are not near as spectacular as the ones in your picture.
    Funny I always see that random number generator thing on giveaways and always tell myself I am not techno savvy enought to ever have anything like that and I would just have to do the name drawing thing from a hat. Glad to know I am not the only one! Enjoy the day!

    • Tina, I’m so old fashioned, it’s not funny. :) I’ll be shipping your prize tomorrow… thanks so much for the positive energy you bring to my site (and on yours!) Congratulations!

    • Missed ya, too, Isabelle! (Although I’m not sorry you were off galavanting in Florida during my giveaway… looks like a fun time was had by all!) Will catch ya on the next round… yes, there’s more… :)

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