Another Side of Me


I was working on something for my writing group and this was the most expedient way to get it to them.

Hope you don’t mind coming along for the ride. :)

Welcome to another side of me…



In the Springtime of my Youth,

Life was bright with promise.

Pastel with anticipation.

Rife with possibilities.

Then came Summer and the neon of Now.

Live and love.

Laugh and learn.

(The glare of the moment often outweighed the consequences.)

Enter the muted tones of


Subtle.  Serene.

Softer shades of beautiful.


now that I’m facing the black and white of Eternity,

I have no regrets!

Only light, and music.

But at the present moment…

the softness of sepia

suits me.

.   .   .

Enjoying every breath,

~ Kim

Where are you in the journey?

18 thoughts on “Another Side of Me

    • Tracey, I’m so glad you found rest here. I also love the word “astounding” — it applies to food, feelings, sunsets, travel, and so much more! Thanks for applying it to me… :)

  1. AHHHHH! I always feel SO relaxed when I come to your site! The writing, the photos and your the way you have mastered both in a way that provokes simply taking off my shoes, putting my feet up and simply enjoying your stunning work! Simply magical!

    • Nasrine, one of these days I anticipate you sitting on my deck with your shoes off and your feet up enjoying it WITH me! Welcome to the lake… where creativity knows no bounds. :)

  2. This is beautiful Kimby dear! The words, the flower photos at different moments… gorgeous. You have such talent. <3

    • Christy, thank you. From one flower-lover to another, there are so many ways to appreciate them and I’m tickled that you got so much out of their beauty in every stage!

  3. You’ve done it again, Sweet Sister. Taken my breath away with the simplicity of your words. I LOVE you sooooooooooooooo much, Kimby! :)

  4. Beautiful
    I would guess I am at the muted maturity stage with a little sepia and once in a while on a Saturday night I can still squeeze out a little neon.
    I do like your many variations of the same flower

    • Mike, I absolutely loved your assessment of where you’re at in life! :) Somehow, someday, I HAVE to get to New York City and join you for a little neon-squeezing — look out Times Square, ha!

  5. So beautiful. I love how you incorporated the different versions of that same photo to represent the different stages of life. I’m enjoying a balance between youthful summer and the muted tones of maturity. The summer is fun, but I have to say I’m enjoying the beauty of maturity more and more. Well, done, I loved this.

    • Thank you so much, Veronica! I sense a “wise” heart in your youthfulness and an appreciation for the inevitability (and beauty) of growing older. Enjoy every season!

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhh…. and into your exquisite bodysoul I slip! woooooooooed by your words! INfuuuuuused with your perfume through your images… flowers wafting their scent of a soul deepening unto herself. Thank YOU, Kimby! and… how magnificent that I would be the first to seeeeee you here!

    • Kathleen… “bodysoul” is a word that I’m integrating into my vocabulary as of NOW. Thank you for your witnessing… and fragrance. You are as sweet as my irises. :)

    • Shirley, you are so wonderful to respond so quickly! (Of course, it’s probably daytime there already…!) Thank you for your loving support.

      P.S. Those were the last of my irises… I was having fun with my camera and photo editing doodads… and words. :)

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