Sometimes You Just Gotta Have A Sammich (Chicken, Cheddar, and Avocado on a Bagel)

 Howdy do.  This is going to be a quick little post because I’ve been yearning to spend an entire day with you.  (YOU, not the sandwich!)


Or… as we call them at our house, a “sammich.”

The occasion called for a spontaneous throw-together.  A whole wheat bagel.  Leftover roast chicken.  Sliced avocado.  Wisconsin cheddar.  A sprinkle of S & P.  And maybe a smidge of Green Goddess Dressing:)

There ya have it.

Enjoying a day to catch up (and a sammich!),

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Have A Sammich (Chicken, Cheddar, and Avocado on a Bagel)

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  2. That’s what we call ’em at home too … Sammich! I’m a Sammich addict … anytime’s good for them. Even better made with a bagel!

  3. My nickname should be Joey (from Friends, he’s a huge sammich lover if you never watched the show) b/c I <3 sandwiches so much. When I was a baby/toddler, my parents tell me I used to sit in my high chair and bang my hands down on the tray over and over yelling, "Sam-melchy!" (My word for sandwich.) This one looks amazing–loving the avocado and cheese with the chicken. *drool*

  4. We used to be near a bagel sandwich shop and I miss it so! I will need to find some good bagels around here and make my own. This does look like the perfect lunch-if this is what you throw together I can’t even imagine what your well planned in advanced sandwiches must be! Have a great weekend!

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