The Royal Treatment (Crab Louis)

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that replayed over and over?  For some reason, Herman’s Hermits invaded my gray matter recently and decided to take up residence.  I think it’s my brain’s way of dealing with madness from the outside world — you can’t think of much else when you’ve got Herman and the boys wailing, “I’m Henry the VIII, I am, Henry the VIII, I am, I am…”

(For a refresher in English monarchs, click here.)

Maybe it’s a good thing.  Between verses, I thought of another king, this time from France — Louis the XVIth.  (For a refresher in French monarchs, click here.)

For a refesher in Roman numerals, click here. :)

Crab Louis

Dungeness crab meat, steamed, chilled & picked over to remove any trace of shell

Lettuce, chopped (I used Romaine, although iceberg lettuce is traditional)

Hard cooked eggs, quartered

Tomatoes, quartered

Lemon wedges

(Optional:  cucumbers, asparagus, olives)

For the dressing:

According to some sources, this salad may be served with Green Goddess dressing(Second verse, same as the first…)  But for the real deal, click here.  (It’s a “Grandma recipe” — thank you, Wives With Knives!)

To assemble:

Place bed of lettuce on a plate.  (The fancier, the better.)

Spoon a generous serving of crab meat atop lettuce.

Garnish with hard-cooked eggs, tomatoes, lemon wedges, and any other optional goodies you may require.

Serve with dressing on the side.  (‘Tis better to dip than to drench.)

Whatever ancestry you hail from, this salad is truly refreshing.  I had it for Mother’s Day.  Long live the king.

Or Queen. :)

Enjoying the royal treatment,

~ Kim

10 thoughts on “The Royal Treatment (Crab Louis)

  1. Thank you so much for your comments (I’m sooooo far behind in replying!) Just wanted you to know that you ALL deserve the royal treatment for being such faithful followers! xo! I appreciate it more than you know.

  2. Haha! Think I’ll skip the refresher courses … not really into history …. can’t get any names nor dates to stick in my little brain. I’ll spend the time ogling at this tho. Yum!

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