Friendship Renewed (Rhapsody In Blue IV)

It’s been awhile since Old Boy and I spent a morning together.

Friendships are like that sometimes, advancing and receding like waves along the shore.

Thankfully, good friends understand and good friendships withstand undulation.

When I heard Old Boy’s familiar aaawwwkkk sounding low across the water, I grabbed my camera and headed for the bluff.

He settled onto a branch and I settled onto a boulder.

We eyed each other tentatively.

Then, as good friends do… we picked up where we left off.

Comfortable in each other’s presence…

Happy to be ourselves.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” ~ Aristotle

Friendship renewed is a sweet thing indeed.

Enjoying the prospect of reconnecting with you in the coming weeks,

~ Kim




18 thoughts on “Friendship Renewed (Rhapsody In Blue IV)

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  3. Oh my, this post brought me to such a tranquil place and I didn’t even have to join you for a little lunch on the deck. Though I did. The beauty of friendship was so beautifully illustrated in this post and in your spirit.

    • Sue Ann, that was a pleasant thought, having lunch “together” on the deck, even though we’re miles apart. I treasure your friendship!

    • Christy, funny true story… I called in a request the other day to grade our road (the infamous “dead end steep hill”) and the county commissioner had to ask how to get here! ;) It’s a blessing to have peace and quiet, bumpy road or not. Glad you enjoyed seeing Old Boy again!

  4. Kim, I just had the perfect bonding with my friend of 30yrs in Malacca; 1st time on a “vacation” with her. Friendship is so precious & it’s there to last…….

    • Shirley, your vacation photos were wonderful — how nice to know you were both treated to a grand first vacation together — bet it won’t be the last! Your friendship is a precious thing, too!

    • Ally, thanks for the link to your stunning shots of “The Bird!” (Loved your background music, too, in the video… perfect!) Nature is definitely an inspiration and a respite from daily life. xo!

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