Back to the Basics

Every once in awhile it’s good to get back to the basics.  Regroup.

Do over.

For me, it involved a session of no-noise-whatsoever, my favorite pen, a clipboard full of college-ruled paper, and some uninterrupted time to figure out where I’m going in life (or where it’s leading.)

Accompanied, of course, by a little lunch…

During this first week of “being  home,” I’ve tested my physical limits — mowing the hilly parts of our lawn with a push mower, clearing brush, hauling wood, climbing up and down the bluff, and generally just moving.  (For some reason, I needed to reconnect with my outer environment before tackling the inner one.)

Physical labor clears my mind.  Hoohah!

Then, when all was said and done, it was time to ponder.

And savor.

If there’s one thing I’ve figured out, my neurons fire in sequence in the presence of a simple meal.

(Maybe that’s the idea behind “food for thought?”)

Nothing fancy, just primal food…

Basic food.

Croutons sprinkled with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, soaking up balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Basil from my herb garden.

Almonds and olives.

Accompanied, of course, by a glass of Cabernet…

Not only did it appease my hunger, it fed my soul.

In evaluating my life (or at least this installment of it), I’ve concluded I don’t function very well when my soul is hungry.

I suspect you don’t either.

A few other realizations came to mind…  Music needs to be a bigger part of the picture.  Cooking  (surprisingly) isn’t my highest priority in the coming weeks, but I do need to eat and my camera is close by. :)  Writing is first and foremost.

And, basically…

Joy was meant to be shared.

Pull up a chair and tell me what feeds you.

Enjoying a full soul,

~ Kim




41 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

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  4. Dear Kimby,

    I totally agree and this applies to people who phone message me with a question as simple as whether to go out for dinner and it requires a reply which might lead to another message – why can’t they just pick up the phone and call like we used to do???

    A simple EVOO and balsamic is heavenly especially when you have such fresh bread like your post before. And that calm and tranquil setting on your patio is simply priceless!

    • Laura, thank you so much for your encouragement! If I can relay the peace and blessing of this setting to one soul (such as you!), it makes life worthwhile. I’m soooo grateful to be able to share!

  5. Kimby! Ooooooooo… when you got to the description of the food… my mouth began to involuntarily salivate! haha! and I am not even a bread eater! but THAT with YOU now! I would! It is my bodysoul salivating… for simple hardwork in the hard, for silence in nature, for exquisitely carved out time for myself… with pen and paper in hand. Yes… this is what I need. And… seems that I have to paddle a bit further upstream to get to those still waters. But they are coming. They are coming.

    So happy for you that you are fashioing this most exquisite life for you! xoxo

    • Kathleen, your enthusiasm for bread — and life — makes me want to bake bread on a regular basis! Your “paddling upstream” analogy was similar to my experience with taming this dough with a wooden spoon. Persevere, sweet friend! The results are worth it!

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    • Tina, it was more a matter of the tranquility finding me, and me slowing down enough to enjoy it! Now if I only had a slice of your Peach Pie… :)

  7. This is my first visit to your blog. The photos, the food and your words are all coming together perfectly. So beautiful! And this is food even I can make. I’m inspired!! Thank you :)

  8. I’ve found that music is essential to me, too. I don’t normally listen while I’m writing, but I need it in my life, so I think I need to remind myself to play music while I’m doing other things. I love that you’ll still be taking photographs of your “simple” food even though most of your time will be focused on writing. It sounds like this is going to be a delightful summer.

    • Shary, the essential things in life — things that reflect the “essence of you” — are what fuel the creative fire. I was thinking of your color scheme post… how color impacts writing (and life!) — will have to search for the right one for me. I very much appreciate your writing advice and thoughts!

  9. The croutons look divine! (I love making croutons, too. How on earth do people buy those boxed ones?!?) I love your approach to food; simple food shared with loved ones and friends is what it’s all about. I sincerely hope to have a little lunch with you someday.

    • Oh Tracey, me, too! The homemade croutons evolved out of part frustration, part frugality. I dislike biting into “hard cubes” — plus I use up EVERYTHING (even stale bread.) A little butter and garlic goes a long way… paired with EVOO and balsamic vinegar… heaven!

  10. You are a girl after my own heart. The perfect meal beautifully captured and artfully presented. What feeds me is amazing women, like you, willing to open their hearts and speak their truth. I feel blessed by the amazing ladies who keep dropping into my life and to be able to share this meal with you. Thanks.

    • Denise, welcome to the lake! The thing that touched me most about your comment was that you felt like you shared this meal with me… THAT (to me) is what blogging is all about… sharing and caring. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. You make it look so elegant. I love basics! Finding ourselves and sometimes re-inventing ourselves. What can we do? I saw this sign once that read ‘Cause I know I’m good for something, I just haven’t found it yet.’. It made total sense to me.

    • Dawn, that’s a great saying… and you WILL find it! I think of your motto often… “Do one thing that makes you happy every day.” This particular lunch was one of them. xo!

  12. Oooh that lunch looks very yummy and satisfying in a simple way. And that view is relaxing even from this distance. Maybe you could take that food+cabernet+picnic blanket out to some live music some time? I know our summer breeze concerts in the park feed my soul and I was sad to miss the first one last weekend. It was a friend of mine from high school and my family said she was very good. It’s on my list to get to one of her events ASAP.

    • Nolita, music in the park and a picnic?! Whereabouts do such events take place? Music feeds my soul, too — nice to know we have that in common — besides Oklahoma, food, and family! :)

  13. Right now crawling into bed with a really good book and LOTS of restful sleep. I, too, am immersing myself in my writing and what feeds me most when I’m exploring my muse is reading really good books. For PLEASURE.

    • Sue Ann, I’m sinking deep into the point you brought up about PLEASURE. So often we even put that on our “to do” list and don’t fully appreciate (or savor) what it contributes to our lives. Glad to hear you’re resting up, too!

  14. You doing the right thing for sure! I’m the same way. Sometimes I need to break myself down by doing physical work to think clearly.
    What a lunch tray too!
    I know whatever endeavor you choose will be best!

    • Shirley, it’s been my dream to cultivate a nice selection of herbs, since the local stores don’t often carry “fresh.” Please come by and enjoy the view anytime you like!

  15. Beautiful post. If I don’t have what I call contemplation time, I’m really suffering at most everything I do. Once my brain is all happy, the rest of me follows along successfully. I love really good bread dipped in good oil and a nice syrupy balsamic vinegar and dipped in a bit of dukkah. That says happy to me. Wine helps.

  16. I call it my “quiet time”, which I’ve been taking a bit of lately. Altho I doubt I’d be doing any pushing around of mowers in this heatwave of ours :)
    I do love lunches like this … more of a snack/lunch, light and not cloyingly rich. Oh, and I get pretty grumpy when I’m hungry. There! My deep dark secret is out :)

    • Ping, you made me smile with your “secret.” I get grumpy when I don’t pay attention to my body’s cues, too — I call it “feeling out of sorts.” :) A little nurturing goes a long way!

  17. Choc Chip Uru, after spending a year-and-a-half doing what I needed to do (but feeling like I needed to be doing something else), I appreciate that you noticed my appreciation! Simple things are an elixir — they also include choc chip cookies. :)

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