Jam Session Parfait (My Guest Post with Chef Dennis)

Happy Friday, everybody!  Actually, it is a happy Friday… Chef Dennis invited me to do a guest post!  Words like honored, thrilled, and humbled come to mind…

Who is Chef Dennis, you may ask?  If you haven’t met this gentleman whose advice is well-respected and whose recipes are very much anticipated, please click here.  Chef Dennis has a “pull up a chair and let’s visit” personality and it’s a delight spending time with him!

Then head over to my guest post on A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennisfeaturing Jam Session Parfait… plus a few adventures. ;)

(Kindly leave a “howdy do” in the comment section to let him know you’re visiting from a little lunch.  Thanks!)

Your thoughts represent freedom of expression and I treasure that — and you — greatly.  Have a safe and memorable 4th of July!

Enjoying kindness and freedom,

~ Kim


17 thoughts on “Jam Session Parfait (My Guest Post with Chef Dennis)

    • Thanks, chopin and my saucepan! We’re celebrating a bit late on the 7th (the actual holiday fell in the middle of the week) — anticipating a great time tomorrow! Glad you came by to visit. :)

  1. Ahhhhhh master story-weaver that you ARE! Just LOVED feeling that rig shuddering in the hurricane the and creeping down the mountain in the storm, along with accompanying talent just over the hill form me in LA. Of course the photos… the photos are JEWELS… that nourish me as much as the food itself. Looking forward to creating this dish for Red White & Blue day! YUM!

    love you Kimby!

    • Kathleen, your comments affirmed everything in me that’s been “trying to write” during the past challenging week. I’m so grateful for your witnessing! Hope your R,W & B dessert making was a triumphant success, too… thought you might enjoy the PEPPERY kick! :)

  2. This looks sooo good. I love the look of that blackberry sitting on the top. Great guest post over at Chef Dennis’ Hope you have a very pleasant weekend.

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