Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Roll With It (Cantaloupe with Cannoli Cream)

Half the fun of cooking is trying something new, whether it works out or not, right?  (At least that’s my motto.)

“Experiment!” I proclaim from the rooftops.  Or deck…

After cannoli recipes started making the rounds last year, I decided to try canta-loni. :)  (Not to be confused with cantelloni or cannelloni — the cheese and/or meat stuffed noodle version.)

Thus, I set out with my melon ball scooper and an idea… plus a hearty dose of laughter.  Be forewarned… these little suckers are slippery!

Not only did I make the above-pictured version, I also got out the ol’ cheese-slicer-in-lieu-of-a-mandoline and attempted a “cantaloupe cannoli” — wrapping paper-thin melon slices around cannoli cream that tasted so good, there’s no photographic proof of the evidence.  (Ahem.)

I also imagined they’d be spectacular served with a slice of prosciutto and garnished with a slice of… basil?  mint?  cilantro?  (Such are the places my food imagination take me…)

My message is this:  Have fun in your kitchen this summer!

Don’t let your next great idea (and/or quest for the perfect food photo) reign you in… and for Pete’s sake, remember that food blogging isn’t “War and Peace.”

While I highly respect the passion and nutrition and well-being that’s put into everyone’s food, photography, and blog posts (thank you!), bear in mind:  it’s summer.

Have fun!

For a delightful cannoli filling, click here.  (FYI, I left out the cinnamon, allspice, and chocolate chips and substituted mascarpone for half the ricotta, but that’s not to say I won’t try the Alex Guarnaschelli‘s delectable original on a more “serious” day next time.)

For further proof of my kitchen flops (and fun), click here and here.

Then… get creative.  Get eatin’.  And for heaven’s sake, get out there and celebrate summer!

Enjoying experimenting, trial and error, and FUN,

~ Kim

P.S.  I sat on this photo (and idea) for almost a year.  Don’t waste precious time…



20 thoughts on “Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Roll With It (Cantaloupe with Cannoli Cream)

  1. What a lovely and refreshing idea. You have a lot of patience with the melon balling. I normally just hack my melon up with a knife. Very envious that you’re in summer right now. Want to swap? xx

    • Normally, I’m a melon hacker, too — but sometimes those long-neglected kitchen gadgets just beg for their moment in the spotlight. :) Actually, winter sounds appealing right now — 109 here tomorrow… Thanks for stopping by the lake!

  2. YES! It is summer. Which is why I haven’t been cooking a ton OR photographing my stuff recently. I just don’t feel like it! But come fall . . . =)

    • Well, no wonder, Miss Jenna! (This is the hottest time of year for a last trimester!) I can picture you and your Bebe Girl having GREAT fun in the kitchen later this fall… :)

  3. Kimby…I luv your thinking w/cooking… experiment! Be adventurous! I can just see you w/that cantaloupe slipping and sliding, but you did it, and you got a great glamour shot, AND I know it was delicious! Love your spirit and posts!! xo Ally

  4. Very creative, especially the idea of the slices made into the shape of a cannoli. How did you hold it together though?

    • Dawn, that was the tricky part and the reason you don’t see any here, ha! I trimmed the melon slices into “rectangles,” rolled them into “tubes,” and piped in cannoli cream. They held together for about 2 minutes before they started sliding apart. :) If you figure out a way to get ’em to “stick,” let me know!

  5. I always wonder restaurants like to pair melon with parma ham. But darn, the pairing is divine! Hahaha! I like your last line. I’m one guilty one, sitting on my posts………

    • Shirley, sometimes I write posts “ahead” (whenever inspiration strikes) and there’s nothing wrong with having a few waiting in the wings. :)

  6. Eureka! I Love these! Great experiment! I can imagine putting them together would be quite a wrestling match, slipping and sliding all over :)
    They turned out beautiful tho! I can just taste them. And you’re right, adding a slice of prosciutto would be lovely too! or maybe a sprinkling of bacon bits on top? Yum!

  7. Oh I LOVE this post! I just had a “conversation” with someone on my facebook page yesterday who felt compelled to advise me that the chocolate smoothie recipe I posted DID NOT need two WHOLE bananas plus stevia. It wasn’t my recipe and, actually, I abhor the taste of stevia but I replied (sweetly) “Remember, a recipes is a blueprint. Have some FUN with it and play with the ingredients.” while whispering…lighten up, it’s SUMMER! LOL Great post, Kim and I can just see these little morsels of goodness sliding all over that mirror. I want one of those!

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