Life Beyond The Kitchen

As I was wandering about the house today (which I consider a form of exercise…), I was so thankful to be “here” (life, home, blog world), it inspired me to share a glimpse of life beyond the kitchen… plus, an updated photo of yours truly… the weathered version. :)  For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Google+ (yes, I joined the ranks), thanks for bearing with any photographic repetition.  Here’s what I’m peering at…

I count my blessings every time I look out that window…

Behind each and every blog is a human being — a life in progress — yours (and mine) included.  That’s why I decided to share my current “life and times” — a catching up and a jumping off point, of sorts.

(Public declarations mean one must do something about ’em, right?)

Take art, for instance…

When I’m not in the kitchen, I dabble.  Or dream.  Or both.  Actually, there’s more dreaming than dabbling at this point… I’m just now feeling settled in after our trip to Minnesota… but I’m pursuing it!

Way back when, I used to draw all the time — sketches, posters, illustrations, and what not.  I also loved wood burning — the texture of it fascinated me.  But, somewhere along the line, I put it all away.

(Not sure why, but it’s nothing to get hung about…)

Then “art” started calling my name (again) and I decided to answer back.  FYI, I don’t have a clue how to paint with oils yet — the hodgepodge above was a gift from a friend — but it’s messy and fun, and it makes for mighty purdy “art” photos. ;)

Whenever I set up that easel — my easel — I feel like a kid with a new toy.  (Tons of possibilities… will keep you posted.)  I’ve also joined an artists’ group whose mission is to leave Random Acts of Art in public places.  (More fun!)  Here’s my contribution…

Then, there’s music… and writing.  My constant companions.  Best friends, really.  They’ve been with me longer than anybody else.

Music and writing are the essence of my life — a source of solace and inspiration — not to mention some pretty interesting characters over the span of 50+ years.  (In current terminology, for-eh-vah…)

Truth be told, when I’m not carrying around my clipboard and pen, I’m carrying a tune.  That’s just the way it is.  (Yes, Bruce Hornsby & The Range are playing right now.)

So, how is it for you?  What do you love to do besides cook?  (Or is cooking your best friend?)  Is there something you’ve set aside?

No matter what stage of life you’re in, creative longings have a way of making themselves known.  Even if you can’t do anything about them right now, the important thing is to make a dent.

Whether life grants you five minutes (or 50 years) to scribble something down, throw it in a file and save it for later.  Write a “someday list” and review it now and then.  (Not the same as a “Bucket List” — I’m talkin’  deep down things that have always been a part of you — unless your lifelong dream is to jump out of an airplane.)  Hey, how ya doin’, Missy? :)

“Someday” may arrive when you least expect it — like it did for me.  Keep your dreams alive.  And, when you finally can do something about them, pick up where you left off and don’t look back.  No excuses, no regrets!

By the way… I’ve always loved playing with food.

Enjoying creative license,

~ Kim




51 thoughts on “Life Beyond The Kitchen

  1. two-point gap between the two sides in the table and they meet on the penultimate day of the season at White Hart Lane in what could be a blockbuster clash.

  2. Tamplin has refused to confirm whether the experienced defender has signed and if he is?in line to make his debut at Enfield Town tonight.

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    • Maureen, I’m tickled that cooking is relaxing for you! There are so many “stressors” in today’s world (including the economy), but your sentiment is like the ol’ Gershwin song, “They can’t take that away from me.” Even if time doesn’t permit hobbies, you still cook with joy and love, which is obvious on your blog.

      My “home time” comes at price ($0, ha!) and both my hubby & I have made sacrifices for me to pursue my calling(s). I’m ever grateful for that, and also for your realistic observations. Any day spent in the kitchen is a good day!

  4. I loved your question, “What do you love to do besides cook.” You would have laughed at my attempt at fried fish, macaroni and cornbread tonight, lol. I love music and the only thing I love more than pursuing music myself is helping others have the courage to pursue music that they believe in rather than trying to fit the mold.

    I personally have become rather disgruntled at the music and entertainment really relying on below-the-belt entertainment to draw audiences and income. I think that’s what the major labels want simply because it’s easy and proven, like a cheesy joke. But when a musician dares to speak from the heart and break apart from the mold, and they’re truly captivating. There’s something profound about someone like Daria Musk who used Google+ and standard rhythm to get large crowds worldwide listening to her music, then the audience hears her story and listens to the lyrics and they’re moved. There’s something profound about someone like Susan Boyle who defied the glorified slender young blond taking command of the stage and instead allowed her now signature song, “I dreamed a dream” to speak volumes about her personal aspirations and connect with the world.

    I know that I have a place among this community of unique musicians. So as I go about my life, I am now ready to have a “someday” box and time to develop that creativity until it blossoms :) Thank you for your inspiration Kim. And thanks to your community as well for sharing so many lovely stories of creativity!

    ~Rose Marie

    • Rose Marie, your creative story is equally lovely! Thanks for pointing out the responses, though — I’ve been inspired by them — and yours, too!

      You hit the nail on the head about what constitutes “entertainment” these days. The industry has changed so much — not just electronically, but also in terms of society’s “attention span.” But I HAVE to believe there’s a market for your music — and mine… We just need to be patient and the right time and place and niche will be there. Thanks again for commenting — and for your beautiful music that graces my life!

  5. I would love to see some of your drawings! I took a portrait drawing class some years ago and I love watching my instructor drawing people. I drew my subjects a little too intense which told me a little more about myself than I was aware of…so I tried to learn to soften my gaze. I still need to work on that. When I went to California for business I almost grabbed Emi’s sketchpad to take with to try sketching again. I have many things I’d like to sketch, some serious, some funny so I ought to just do it. If I didn’t have to pay attention so much in the meetings I attend these days I could squeeze in some doodles then.

    And I have a blank canvas in the Gathering Room too still waiting for me to do something. I am thinking of a hybrid painting, modge podge sort of piece to make something beautiful out of the bits and pieces collected and kept in bowls or drawers or boxes…we’ll see. I’ve not worked with modge podge before but it looks like fun.

    I like seeing your views whether it’s art or the lake or your wonderful food. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. On the way to my folks’ house (on the lake) Sunday we heard Take It Easy on the radio. I took it as a prompt to go ahead and import my old Eagles CD into iTunes so I could have more Eagles in my life again.

    • Nolita, that was a revelation, that your sketches told a bit more about yourself than you were aware of…! I’ll have to take another look at mine and see… :) I also wasn’t familiar with the modge podge technique — sounds interesting and dimensional! (I have SO much to learn.)

      You made me smile with your comment about the Eagles, too. I’ve always enjoyed their music as it’s wafted in and out of my life. Yup. “Take It Easy” definitely falls into the “must listen” category — again and again!

  6. Finally! Sorry for coming by late; I haven’t been able to come by your blog. It just hung there, but I’ve no problem visiting others. Is it the chemistry between us?? Hahaha!

    Hey, I know u play the piano but didn’t know u draw too! I’m proud to be connected with such a talented person. Now that I’m in your page, the other hurdle to pass is to get my comments across which I’ve also been encountering some problems.

    • Shirley, I’m so sorry you’ve been having difficulty getting through to my blog — not sure what’s up with that… Our “chemistry” is is fine, but something is goofy with our connection — glad you got through today, though! Will reply to your other comments shortly. Hopefully you won’t have to play catch up in the future when you’d rather be doing something fun and creative! Thanks for your persistence, sweet friend! xo

  7. I love this post and seeing all facets of you unfold before my eyes. Why doesn’t it surprise me that you dabble in so many different art forms? My summer has been one great big creative exploration. My camera became my new (old) toy and I haven’t been able to put it down. The line I will take with me is this: “creative longings have a way of making themselves known.” I’m looking through the same window. . . ;)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your “life and times.” It’s wonderful to get a glimpse of you and of your creative dreams — such an inspiration! I’ve put lots on the “someday” list and hope there will be a fuller someday, soon, beyond multiple jobs and family ties. In a way, C&B&R was my first step, since it had been on my “someday” list for quite some time. I try to remind myself that we can do it all, just not all at once. :)

    • I’m so tickled you have a “someday list” and that you’re realistic about not being able to do it all at once. So true! Your blog is a creative venture and I enjoy it tremendously!

  9. I’m loving the ‘weathered picture’ . . . and I always revel in how in touch you are with your creativity. I hope that as the years go by I’ll stay in touch with mine as well, and follow its curves and dips wholeheartedly.

    • Jenna, be prepared for lots of dips and curves once lil’ Miss Alice arrives. :) But, that’s what’s neat about creativity — it’s fluid and flexible. Although time may not permit you to dabble in your preferred “art form,” it’s there, even when you’re scribbling alongside your children in a coloring book or singing them a lullaby!

    • I was just admiring that breakfast lasagna with the spinach and Feta on your blog! :) Creativity in blog world knows no bounds, whether it’s with food, the arts, or writing — such a treat to see what everyone’s up to. Thank you, Marta!

    • Those boots and jeans have been with me a long time and I love ’em because they’re “weathered,” too. ;) Thanks for stopping by to comment, Angela!

    • Many thanks, Parsley Sage! I have several ideas on “the drawing board” — will post results as soon as they make it to the canvas! Thanks again for stopping in to comment. xo

  10. as always my beautiful Kim…perfect and so well said! thank you for sharing not only your world but you! You make me smile and feel as if I am standing there by your side or just sitting in MY chair on your back deck! ;)

  11. I have always had a deep desire to capture things and that desire laid dormant for years. Then I started writing and discovered with each word that it bought my soul and life into closer alignment. Lately, I’ve felt the camera calling my name. Not sure what I’ll do with that but I’m listening. I love your openness to delving into new creative ventures. Hope you will share your explorations with us here.

    • Denise, your desire to “capture” things (whether via words or photos) is near and dear to my heart, too. It’s as though “remembering” isn’t enough — it HAS to be SHARED — and, in essence, that’s what we all do through our blogs. Looking forward to seeing whatever you capture with your camera!

  12. Kim, I have been feeling the call to create lately. I have tons of art supplies (I LOVE art stores, the papers, the expensive oil pastels, the possibilities!) and the urge to create is welling up inside. I have taken to doodling. On a nice sketch pad with beautiful carbon color pencils. Thank you for the reminders of gratitude, of dabbling, of puttering. Your opening line had me laughing so hard. What a concept to consider wandering about the house as a form of exercise. Love it!

    • Laura, you expressed an important part of the joy of creativity — the “tools” (or toys?) we’re given to play with. I, too, enjoy the “feel” of certain paper, the glide of a pen… Glad you got a kick out of my in-house exercise program. ;)

  13. Good morning, beautiful spirit Kimby…you know how to hit the right buttons w/me, and today when I opened this post (which I intentionally didn’t open when it came in my email b/c I was frenzied and knew I wouldn’t give it the time I wanted to), it fueled me to know that I’m going in the right direction w/what I’m doing w/my website, which is being more than just food, recipes and food porn…not that I want to expose every aspect of my life, but I think more so to leave a legacy like journal for my kids and grandkids of really who their Mom is, their Mama Ally/YaYa…never kept a diary in my life, so maybe this is, in essence, my diary of life, albeit w/some censoring (lol!), via food. What a long comment…maybe I need to head over to my dashboard and write…thank you special soul for the beautiful post! xo Ally

  14. Hey pretty lady, thank you for posting a picture for us! I think we writers all need to do that to remind everyone that there is a face behind the words. Good for you on fulfilling your life with what you enjoy doing the most!

    • Andrea, at least I can see your pretty face on your “icon” — I’ve always used my lil’ Okie wildflower to identify myself (and probably always will, ha!0, but I figured it was high time to “introduce” myself after a year and a half in blog world. :)

  15. You have done it again my friend! Great post Kim. Love how you started with a pic of yourself, then one-by-one shared your other interests. I really enjoy getting glimpses into the lives of others. Thanks for encouraging us to pursue our passion. Lately I have been thinking about learning to play a instrument. We’ll see where that takes me. So excited for you!!

  16. I love this glimpse into your world!

    I have always wished I could draw, but I didn’t get the knack for that. I don’t have any skills in the kitchen either so I have to rely on others to create visual and culinary art for me to enjoy. I can dance, though and I love being able to express myself using movement instead of words. It helps inspire and balance out my writing efforts. Just finishing up a short story and getting ready to submit. Yikes!

    • Shary, hooray for submitting your short story — best wishes! I like your idea of creative forces balancing each other out — they certainly do “play” off of each other! Your recent step back on stage was so inspiring to me, I actually looked at a ballroom dancing “how to” DVD at the library yesterday — just LOOKED at it, but thought, “Wouldn’t that be fun to learn?” — and put it on my “someday” list! :) I’m sharing the link to your “audition” post… it’s wonderful!

      • Thanks, Kim! And I hope you pick up that dance DVD next time you’re at the library. Dance is one of those things that kids love to do but adults shy away from because we fear we won’t be good enough. We can all dance! Play some music you love and just let your feet go. :)

  17. I do adore cooking…it’s a fun stress reliever for me…but reading, art on the computer, and music are among my favorite things. It’s fun to rest in the beauty of things like art and music…and dreaming. :)

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