Guest Post by Gumby

Hi, everybody!  I figured you were wondering what Kim was up to, being absent for weeks and weeks and all.   Not to worry.  She went to Minnesota to help her Mom and Dad.  It was an unexpected trip and she didn’t anticipate staying this long… in fact, she left in such a hurry, she forgot to pack ME!  

So, I’m watching over her computer until she gets home.  Speaking of which… Kim’s folks don’t have one (which accounts for her lack of comments on your blogs during August) — thank goodness the local library is open a couple days a week.  Kim will catch up with you as soon as she can and I know she misses you terribly.

In the meantime, thanks for tuning into my guest post!

Your pal,




4 thoughts on “Guest Post by Gumby

  1. Dear Gumby.

    Can You please get a part time job so that you can buy Kim a laptop for situations like this? We can not be without her for this long, however we hope that all is well with the family.


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