Flowergram V

Hi there!  I was going through some photos from earlier this year and ran across this one — a flower garden that I happened upon one fine, sunny day.  (Photo taken out of my car window at a stop sign!)

It made me think… even though autumn gets a lot of acclaim, summer has its profusion of colors, too.

Actually, every season leaves a calling card.  The important thing is to notice… and carry a camera in your car whenever possible. :)

Wishing you a colorful day!

Enjoying a little post-summer beauty,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “Flowergram V

  1. Dear Kimby,

    The passing of each season reminds me how fast time goes by at times. And each season also brings its own special moments when it comes to weather, scenery and what goes into the cooking pot.

    • I’m all for seasonal cooking… oven meals in particular. (Although I’ve never been known to turn down a perfectly grilled steak no matter what time of year!) :)

  2. Summer is pretty much a fantastic season! I know because its the only season I get anymore and I gotta tell you, its pretty fabulous waking up to a garden that looks like this every morning :) Lovely snap!

    • Parsley Sage, the idea of waking up to summer every day is why we moved to Oklahoma… guffaw, chuckle, can you say naive?! :) No matter… it’s warmer than Minnesota! (But not QUITE as warm as the Caymans!)

    • Shirley, ditto on what I said to Mike above :) — so glad you share the beautiful images you capture instantaneously! Flowers bring me joy, too — as do YOU! xo!

    • Mike, that’s a great reason for considering an i-phone, but I’m such a technological chicken! :) I enjoy all of your photo updates on FB, but for now, I’ll keep on doing it the old fashioned way — like a “digital camera” is old fashioned, ha — its new-fangled to me! That’s another “beauty” I’ve discovered in cyberworld (and the outside world) — everyone embraces what works best for them and SHARES! Love it!

    • Ally, how true — isn’t it funny how some folks are never satisfied with what’s right in front of them?! Can’t change the weather — might as well enjoy it in all its variations! :)

    • Uru, I enjoyed your tulip festival post tremendously (as well as the photos of the other flowers — and the FOOD!) :) Thanks for thinking of me… love ya, kiddo!

    • Thank you, Isabelle! Actually, I needed it, too… I was feeling under the weather the last few days. (Which explains my lack of responding in a timely manner… gotta love that “transitional” weather this time of year.) Anyhow, I loved knowing that it made a difference in your life, too. xo!

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