Daylight Saving Time Frolics

Yes, folks, it’s Daylight Saving Time again (or the end of it, when an hour magically “disappears”…) and I’m tellin’ ya, it wreaks havoc on my entire being.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 believing it was 4:30 (my favorite time to wake up), only to discover it was 3:30… aarrggh!  It’s perfidy, I tell you, perfidy!

Be forewarned… this coming week, my thoughts will resemble the jumbled illustration above (confusing, but colorful nonetheless!) :) and I’m asking you to please bear with me.  Moving the hands back on the clock does not constitute an immediate “aha” by my bio-rhythms or brainwaves.

Thankfully, Oklahoma’s seasons follow the calendar — never mind the clocks — and it’ll continue to be autumn until the next season begins.  (I won’t mention the “w” word until it’s official…)

The only “cure” I’ve found for Daylight Saving Time is to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Let’s take a walk, shall we?

Nature calms me down.  Clarifies my thoughts.  Causes me to forget.

What was I writing about…?

Oh yeah!  Daylight Saving Time…

What are your plans for the “extra hour?”

Enjoying (?) the semi-annual rite,

~ Kim

19 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time Frolics

  1. I definitely enjoyed an extra hour of sleep! Now that we have daylight saving time my photo shooting time must be changed… Love the autumn colors on your photos. Wish we can see those more here. I went to the woods yesterday but it was ALL GREEN!

    • Nami, how true about the photo shoots. I’m glad you brought that up… will have to adjust mine, too. (!) Glad to hear you went to the woods — they’re pretty no matter what color they are… aahhhh.

    • Charlie, it’s hard to wrap my mind around the prospect of “winter” without my former Minnesota snowfall (and frigid temps) signalling its onset. But I’m getting used to it. :) It does seem to happen much faster once DST ends, though… arrggh. Thanks for stoppin’ by the lake!

    • Thanks, Uru! You’ll have to snap some Springtime photos to share from there. Would love to see your neck of the woods! (But first, catch on sleep — or fun — or both!) xo

  2. Nice Impressions of Autumn. And I agree, changing clocks is award. And it’s akward when you do nightshift at the Hospital and when it’s 3 am, it changes back to 2 am, that’s a loud grrrrr from me
    have a nice Sunday, Thee

    • That most definitely would prompt a grrrrr! Sorry to hear your ‘extra hour’ came in the middle of the night shift. Thanks for stopping in to comment — I hope you get an extra hour of sleep now!

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