BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Bacon, Onions, & Provolone

It all started with a perfectly delectable recipe for roast pork — herb-encrusted, slow roasted, nestled on a bed of homemade applesauce — the stuff autumn meals are made of… heartwarming and heavenly.

Until it was time to take the picture.

I can empathize with a certain amount of reluctance to “say cheese” — I’d rather be behind the lens than in front of it any day!  But as a “foodie,” it’s important to portray deliciousness in all its glory.  Not as a matter of pride, but because I want you to know how absolutely wonderful something tasted, perhaps inspiring you to give it a try.

Enter the reluctant pork loin…

Maybe it was my level of distraction that day.  Maybe it was the monochromatic color scheme.  Maybe it was the background I used.  (What was I thinking?!)  Or… maybe it was meant to be eaten and enjoyed?

Put. The. Camera. Down.

For a glimpse of how it’s supposed to look, click on this link — thanks, Claudia Lamascolo — your original recipe was fantastic!

Plus, it made great sandwiches the next day. :)

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Bacon, Onions, & Provolone

For each sammich you’ll need:

2 strips of bacon, fried to your liking

1 slice of Provolone cheese

A pile of onions (cut ’em chunky)

Pulled pork (aka leftover roast pork…)

Spicy BBQ sauce (I used this recipe — thanks, Patio Daddio!)

1 onion bun (or other flavorful roll), split & buttered

Oven fries & pickles, optional

Begin by frying bacon to desired crispness.  Remove from skillet; set aside to drain on paper towels.

Add chopped onions to skillet (I like mine fried); saute over low heat until edges are browned.

Meanwhile, grill bun (buttered sides down) on a griddle until golden.

Shred pork with a fork.  (Pardon me for waxing poetic…)

Mound shredded meat on bottom bun; top with Provolone.

Nuke until cheese melts.  (Gasp!  Yes, I used my microwave…)

Top with onions and bacon.

Drizzle with BBQ sauce.

Add the top bun and dig in!

Say cheese!

Enjoying redeeming myself photographically.. or not! 

~ Kim

22 thoughts on “BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Bacon, Onions, & Provolone

  1. I’m scared of re-taking Japanese curry post because it’s all brown, and whenever I have to take meat picture it’s a headache! So glad you take this picture and shared with us. I love pulled pork and this sandwich is like my dream sandwich! YUMMY~~~! :)

    • Nami, I figure it’s a learning experience — some photos turn out and some don’t — but you can’t know unless you try! There’ve been times when I think none of them will turn out and suddenly — WOW! — one will stand out and surprise me at how clear and true it is. (This, with a lil’ ol’ Kodak “point and shoot,” lol.) My rule of thumb: Only publish the ones that make YOU happy! For me, that includes an “off” one now & then. :) (But please keep trying that Japanese curry… it sounds delish!)

  2. I think photographing meat and making it look appealing is really difficult. Photographing sweet things is so much easier. I love the look of the bread roll with all the pickles. What a yummy lunch xx

    • Charlie, it doesn’t stop me from trying… lol! I agree, sweets are easier to photograph. And eat. (Hence my many attempts at main dishes…) ;) Thanks for enjoying my lunch as much as I did!

    • Maureen, thanks for the photography tip (and reassurance!) — I keep learning as I go — with a lil’ help from my friends! I have a feeling it won’t be the last “blooper” on this blog, either… ;)

  3. I had to laugh at the photo of your pork loin! I hate it when that happens, esp when the recipe is good and the photo totally betrays you. LOL! The sandwich though, is totally drool-worthy. I can practically smell it!

    • Veronica, it’s nice to know I’m not alone… :) The roast pork really was awesome — hope you’ll try it. As for the sammich — if you could smell it, you could also probably hear me oohing & aahhing my way through every bite, lol! (The things my hubby puts up with…)

  4. OMG that sandwich looks absolutely amazing! I completely understand about food photos…I even have “talks” with my food when it won’t cooperate! I know…I am special! So is your sandwich…actually it is AMAZING. Like you <3

    • Thanks, Isabelle! Wish I could be there when you’re having one of your lil’ talks with your food. :) Yes, you ARE special in every sense of the word! xo

    • Uru, that’s a high compliment coming from you. I always wonder what my vegetarian friends will think of my meat-laden creations (yikes…) but, being mindful of your dietary lifestyle, I’ve come up with an “Uru-ized” version of this sammich for you: Leave off the bacon and pork, and saute the onions in olive oil. (Oven-fries and pickles mandatory!) :)

  5. How many times have I done the same thing? I can’t even count! I think it was monochromatic, for sure!! But what came afterwards is much more exciting, I think! It’s definitely worthy of the WFC sammich competition! Aaahhhhmazing!! xox

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