Before & After

A global thank you

Before blogging, I lived an interesting life, although somewhat rather local in scope.

After blogging, I found myself having conversations with folks around the globe!

(Have I told you lately how much I appreciate conversing with you?)

Our favorite game

Before The Man Of Few Words, I thought I knew what true love was.

After The Man Of Few Words, I discovered I didn’t.

(He proposed to me via Scrabble board twelve years ago and I still feel like a “bride.”)  Sigh…

Oklahoma sunset

Before Oklahoma, winter consisted of shoveling snow, scraping windshields, and “layering up.”

After Oklahoma, winter consists of watching sunsets or star-gazing on the deck in the dead of December — without a parka!

(I love this State.)

Year Round Christmas Tree :)

Before writing this post, I had a point to make.

After I started writing, I forgot what it was.

Some days (or nights) are like that… Happy Holidays anyway! :)

Enjoying before and after moments,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “Before & After

  1. What a creative way for your man to propose! ;.) I love this state too. BTW, I think we will need to “layer up” in a couple of weeks. I hear we’re going to get some snow for New Year’s.

  2. I do this all of the time. My mind is set on something, I start to walk to where it is to do it and then something else catches my eye and I forgot what I wanted to do. It’s like being a dog, I guess. See the ball, catch it. Wait, there’s a squirrel, chase it. Ugh. At least you got a great post out and hey – I got some time to enjoy it too. Happy Holidays to you both.

  3. Thank you to everyone for your sweet, supportive comments! I made it through “insane” week (hallelujah!) and a new post is in progress. I believe this is the first comment section I didn’t respond to “individually” and for that I beg your pardon… and thank you for your understanding. Sometimes ya just gotta “do over!” VERY much looking forward to connecting with you in the coming week. :) xo!

  4. Your husband proposed via Scrabble? How sweet is that! :) I think that connecting to people around globe has to be one of the most rewarding parts blogging, and somehow makes the world seem much smaller, doesn’t it?

  5. Pre-FB and pre-Ally’s Kitchen, my world was interesting, but post-FB and post-AK, it’s freakin’ awesome b/c of the special gems in my life like you, Kimby…how in the devil would we have ever met, no never, and how enriched my universe is b/c of you…I so look forward to your writings, and your short, yet powerful and poignant, musings like this one give me a God wink and let me know that there’s more out there than ever, make every day and every moment count! Thank you my love…xox Ally

  6. Before blogging, I didn’t know you. After blogging, I do and the world is a better place. Thanks for sharing your stories, your photos, your recipes, and yourself with all of us. Don’t you just love how small the internet makes the world?

  7. Conversing with people from around the world is the wonderful side effect of blogging.

    I live in the Middle East (UAE home, Iraq work) after arriving from Australia via Spain, Norway and Holland. Oh, and i’m Scottish by birth.

    I’m not 100% sure what this blog was about but it amused and diverted me, and that’s all I need.

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