My “Boho” Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

Sometimes I can be soooo serious when I’m pursuing my pursuits, I need to be reminded to have FUN.  (Plus I live with the King of Calm — aka The Man Of Few Words.)  He rubs off on ya after awhile. :)

Thankfully, someone came along out of the blue to shine their sparkle on the possibilities in front of my eyes and make me realize that I’ve settled for the same ol’, same ol’.  (Which is pleasant and peaceful, but it doesn’t accurately portray the party going on in my head!)

That special someone is Ally Phillips…

If you’re not acquainted with Ally, please head over to Ally’s Kitchenor better yet, check out her Holiday eCookbook series!  Chock full of sumptuous recipes and exquisite (yet inexpensive) decorating ideas, Ally’s ebooks are guaranteed to make any day (not just holidays) more sparkly — spontaneous — FUN!

After reading (and drooling) through Boho Holidays Sweet Treats and Boho Holidays Sides of Delight & Soulful Giving, I was inspired to go on a scavenger hunt for treasures with “Boho potential” in my own home!  Here’s what I found…

Boho bouquet

A vase full of silk flowers (from our wedding) with a lil’ added sparkle!

Boho frankincense and myrrh

Boho blue plates

Decorative bottles (which have starred in many a Christmas pageant as “Frankincense and Myrrh” holders), along with these plates I’d tucked away for a virtual baby shower earlier this year… just in case another sweet blogging friend o’mine had a baby boy. ;)

Then I added a few baubles…

Boho soup bowl

Boho bling

And while I was at it, I took down the drapes and hung ornaments from the curtain rods…

Boho danglies 2

Converted a bench into a serving table…

Boho side table

And followed that with a break!  (Gather ’round the tree…)

Boho "family photo"

After which, I dressed up the center of the dining room table…

Boho centerpiece

Rearranged “faux gifts” under the tree (I don’t shop ’til Dec. 24th!)

Boho gifts and tree

Set out my favorite Christmas decoration of all…

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

And called it a day!!!

Welcome to My “Boho” Blue Christmas…

A Boho Blue Christmas

(There’s food involved, too… more on that in the New Year!)

Wishing you blessings, memories, and FUN during the holidays. xo

Enjoying a lil’ inspired creativity,

~ Kim

P.S.  ‘Twas my own idea to to promote Ally’s ebooks.

16 thoughts on “My “Boho” Blue Christmas

  1. Love all the blue…my favorite color these days. The ornaments from the curtain rods was too pretty…..will try that next year.

  2. Pingback: My 'Boho' Blue Christmas

    • Charlie, “sorted” was exactly how this happened — I piled everything on the dining room table and figured it was more fun to decorate with it than to put it back where I dug it out from, lol. Merry Christmas! xo

  3. Wow! U never run out of ideas, do u? Why don’t u drop by my home & decorate for me. Hahaha! Love the first shot! You’ve captured such an impressive postcard shot, my dear. Oh, just posted my 1st Japan article. Hope u’ll enjoy reading as much. xoxo

    • Shirley, I have more ideas than time, lol! But it was fun to MAKE time and use favorite things in ways I hadn’t thought of, thanks to Ally’s “Boho ebooks.” I’m so glad you enjoyed the lake photo, too! xo

  4. Kimby…you are the spirited soul that lies w/in all of us…many leave it buried deep moving through life as they ‘think’ it should be, as ‘other’s might ‘say’ it should be…inside each and every one of us are tsunamis of joy, creativity, and pleasure that cost little, but bring avalanches of happiness!! What you have done and created is a perfect example of that Boho, that unconventional, that woman who’s so desirous of making every day an adventure! I can feel your energy…the pictures speak to me…they have a warmth and depth that says, the person who lives here has that infectious happy gene waiting to be caught by someone else…you have left a huge tatoo on my heart and soul! xoxo Ally Love you my Bohemian gypsy sistah!!

    • Heather, you’re a blessing to me, too! FYI, it didn’t take very long to “Boho” this… I know you’re one busy blogger. Hope you’ll “have at it” and have FUN! Merry Christmas, my lovely friend! xo

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