Back To The Basics II

Back to the Basics

It seems that my body and soul (and stomach) need to do a “regroup” about every six months or so.  In my first Back To The Basics post, I’d just “retired” from a job outside the home, which — while, philanthropically fulfilling — didn’t meet my need to write, cook, make music…

Here it is, six months later and I’m at it again… what shall I do with this life o’mine?

Frankly, I feel blessed to ask that question!

I also feel blessed to be the recipient of some fabulous gifts, aptly timed to arrive during the holidays.  (Who doesn’t love extra presents under the tree?!)  Actually, they were the only presents under the tree, lol.  ‘Tis better to give than to receive…

Anyway, these gifts fulfilled the basic need to treat myself

Thank you so much, to Robin from Simply Southern Baking:

And Christine Lamb from Christine’s Pantry:

And Shirley, from Luxury Haven:

(Yes, I know “eye liner” doesn’t have one whit to do with cooking… but in a way it does!  The more glamorous you feel in the kitchen, the more you can “treat yourself”  — and your special folks — right! ;)

In case you aren’t familiar with the aforementioned lovely ladies, please click on the links in this post — or on my blog roll any time you wish.  You’ll be glad you did!

(And hooray for Random Number Generators!) xo

Getting back to treating myself

As of right now, the house is “undecorated.”  Life is simpler.  Time seems slower… or more basic.

And there’s nothin’ more basic, to me at least, than bread and jam. :)

Recipes forthcoming in following posts… after January 7th!  Until then, I’m taking a much-needed hiatus.  Happy New Year, everybody!

Enjoying time off,

~ Kim

14 thoughts on “Back To The Basics II

  1. Hi Kimby, thks so much for linking up! How could I have missed this post! I was actually trying out to see what will come up if I google “Luxury Haven” & I saw the prize pix above when I clicked on search image. Lol! How fun!

    Thanks again & congrats on your other winnings!

  2. Hi! We’ve recently launched the site, on our website you can promote your blog win prizes and cash. I invite you to go and take a look. Your blog will be in the top rank of Recipesup blogs. Hopefully your food blog will be up there in the top!

    Kind regards

  3. Dear Kimby,

    Sometimes, the less ingredients we use, the better the dish would taste. I am a fan of Ina Garten’s wholesome recipes and I love the way she cooks as it gives me a sense of how simple recipes can look and taste great too. The way she founded her business is truly inspiring. And she looks so gorgeous in that book cover too!

    Enjoy your time off and have a great 2013!

  4. We didn’t go gift crazy this year either but I’m glad you had some friends who sent you some wonderful gifts! Cookbooks and eyeliner, sounds perfect to me. :) Enjoy your downtime and see you next year! :)

  5. Could we possibly be reading each others’ minds??? Kimby, you have a way of hitting dead on, bull’s eye, homerun thoughts/subject matter, and this is another example…your back to the basics is reminding me that my quest to simplify/make space/de-clutter is exactly what is needed for my soul…it helps to do, like you say, what we do best…and, yes, you need to be writing, cooking and making music b/c these 3 things=JOY that you bring to so many…and I’m shoving my way to the front of the line…w/o sounding sappy or Debbie Boone’ish, you do light up my life! xo Ally

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