The Heart of the Matter (Roasted Artichoke Heart, Red Bell Pepper, & Caper Salad)

Roasted Artichoke Heart Salad

I did something just now that I haven’t done in a long time.  I scrolled through six months’ worth of my posts and read what I wrote.

“Holy cow!  I’m all over the map!” I declared in my pre-dawn stupor.

Then I laughed. :)

Have you read what you’ve written lately?  (You should.)

And while you’re at it, pat yourself on the back.

The heart of the matter is:  You’re expressing yourself to the world!

That’s something to be proud of.  (I am.)

Life is a tasty hodgepodge, just like this salad…

A Tasty Hodgepodge

Roasted Artichoke Heart, Red Bell Pepper, & Caper Salad

(adapted from Ina Garten’s recipe on Food Network)

1 can of artichoke hearts, drained

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt & freshly ground pepper

1/2 jar of roasted red bell peppers, drained & diced

2 Tbsp. capers, drained

Basil Vinaigrette (recipe to follow)

Preheat oven to 425° F.

Pat artichoke hearts dry; drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt & pepper.  Toss gently; transfer to a baking sheet.

Roast until browned, 25 to 30 minutes, turning once.  (I added the drained peppers at the 20 minute mark to heat them.)

Meanwhile, make vinaigrette.

Basil Vinaigrette

1 Tbsp. thinly sliced green onion

1 Tbsp. dried basil (I’m sure fresh would be stellar)

A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

1 Tbsp. tarragon vinegar

Dijon mustard, to taste

1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt & freshly ground pepper, to taste

Combine dressing ingredients in a measuring cup.  Whisk until incorporated; set aside.

Remove artichoke hearts and peppers from oven.  Drizzle with Basil Vinaigrette to allow them to soak up the flavor as they cool.

Transfer roasted veggies to a bowl.  Add capers and additional vinaigrette to taste; toss gently.

Serve warm with crusty bread and a glass of Chardonnay.

When Life Tosses You Crumbs, Eat Them!

No matter how “un-related” your posts (or mine) may (or may not) be, the important thing is: you’re expressing your heart!

The world’s a better place for it and I thank you for blessing my life with your presence.

Enjoying random thoughts and recipes,

~ Kimby

22 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter (Roasted Artichoke Heart, Red Bell Pepper, & Caper Salad)

  1. Actually… I’m quite scared of re-reading. One, my English is worse (I think I got a little better after blogging for 2 years. lol), and I sometimes rarely talked about the food that I’m sharing… I guess we learned and keep learning. :) I love capers (really love these), bell pepper, and artichoke heart. Sounds like it’s meant for me! But I’ve never tried cooking artichoke hearts at home… time to change!

    • Nami, the fact that you made the brave leap into blog world is a blessing. Everyone has a story to tell and that’s the main reason I read blogs. “Food” is a happy diversion, but “people” come first!

    • Thanks, Kate! Being all over the map ain’t a bad thing — TMOFW relied on me to be his navigator during the trucking years. :) By the way, I just put your “Getting Better Soup” on my must-make list — another fantastic recipe! :)

  2. Thank you for expressing your heart and also sharing fabulous recipes like this. I’ve got the capers, but I need to go buy everything else. And I think I will b/c this sounds so good.

  3. Haha I love reading old posts – sometimes I’m all ‘I’m so brilliant’ then other times I think ‘wait what?’ :P
    But moving on, your salad looks lick the plate delicious!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. LOVE your randomness…love this dish…the pictures are stunning…I can just taste the flavors, and I wanna pull off a big hunk of crusty bread and sop up some of the goodness, Kim, then sip some chilled chard…you’ve made me very happy this morning, angel!! xoxo

  5. First off, AMAZING recipe! Both Mr Man and I love everything that you have in there! YUMMY! Also…yes…I admit it, I will sometime go back and re-read what I wrote. Some I think: wow, brilliant and funny (my life’s biggest goal: to be funny!) some I think: I shouldn’t drink and blog ;) Oh well…life goes on and I keep on writing! Luv ya!

    • Isabelle, I’m laughing so hard right now, I almost can’t see to type! Your goal has been fulfilled as far as I’m concerned — you’re a hoot! Also, don’t be too hard on yourself for drinking while blogging (lol) — many Pulitzer Prize winners were known to “imbibe” now and then. :) Thanks for your comments and YES PLEASE, keep on writing!

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