Bliss Lists

Sunset Bliss

By definition, bliss is complete happiness.  Heaven.  Paradise.

Being the realistic soul that I am (with a tad of “dreamer” thrown in for good measure), I know it isn’t possible to be completely happy all of the time — but I like the idea.  Who doesn’t?!  However, I tend to put bliss into perspective.

Am I happy?  Generally.  Blissful?  Now and then.  Although being in my kitchen comes pretty close. :)

When “bliss happens” — those are the times I smile, followed by an immediate counting of my blessings.  A bliss list, of sorts…

Sunsets that look like a spilled paint box, lyrics that touch my heart, freshly laundered sheets, Old Boy perched on the driftwood tree, a bald eagle soaring overhead, making music, a handwritten letter in the mailbox, spending time with loved ones — basically those fragments of time when time seems suspended and my soul is overflowing.

While I don’t keep a list per se, I hold blissful memories close.

Or on a plate…

A recent addition to the list was Cheesy Bacon & Green Chili Bread from Basilmomma.  (Thanks, Heather!)  One bite of this and I was in heaven.  (For the recipe, click here.)

Cheesy Bacon and Green Chili Bread

Cumulative moments of bliss make me “happier” than if I aspired to be deliriously happy all the time.  How about you?

Any bliss lists to share?

Enjoying bites of life,

~ Kimby

20 thoughts on “Bliss Lists

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  3. I get so caught up in the hub-bub of raising kids and keeping the house going that it often isn’t until my head hits the pillow that I realize that it was a good day. Then, I savor about 5 minutes of peace, knowing that things went right before I nod off to sleep.

    • Kristen, that’s a fabulous thought to end the day with — three cheers for taking care of your family & house with selfless dedication — and still taking time for YOU to appreciate the “rightness” of it all, even if it doesn’t happen ’til your head hits the pillow! :)

    • Charlie, what is it about thumbing through a magazine (or book) that seems so decadent and deliberate? Maybe we’ve been traveling at light speed for too long… simple pleasures… peace & quiet… yup!

  4. I am definitely going to try this recipe because I can tell it will bring blissings to this household. I recently tried a recipe for oven friend chicken posted on another Okie blogger’s blog and it was bliss for us all – it was so simple like my grandma likely made – . Completing projects and finding places/uses for things makes me bliss out…so does time in the kitchen or outside. Recently filing our taxes early and digging in the flower beds were found to be blissful. Follow your bliss…

    P.S. I replied to your comment on my blog before I came on over and saw your beautiful sunset…it was a perfect timing sort of thing…

    • Nolita, I’m thankful that one of our “lake sunsets” gave you & your family peace on the way back home and just now. (I read your reply on your blog before typing this — yup, perfect timing — y’all know Who to thank!) Thanks, too, for sharing your blissful moments (aahhhh) and for the good ol’ fashioned fried chicken recipe… Grandma-style cooking is the reason I’m here. :) Take care, my friend.

  5. Yes, my dear Kim, bliss is a moving target each day with varying shades of this state…in everything that happens, you, like me, find the ‘good’ there is, a nugget of hope, gratefulness~~this is bliss~~sending lots of bliss energy your way…oh, yeah, ecstasy, for me, is sliding into cool, crisp freshly laundered and ironed sheets! Awwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xoxo

  6. I’m grabbing this recipe for an upcoming party! It sounds delicious.

    You know I love my lists. I think now that I’ve gotten a little older and have come to appreciate the simpler things, it’s easier for me to find bliss in the small, everyday moments around me. Certainly better than waiting for the next “high” moment in life, right?

    Just off the top of my head…

    buckets of blackberries, mewling kittens and their tiny pink tongues, throw your head back laughter, a perfect cup of coffee, mist across the pastures, the sound of a song I haven’t heard in a long time, a warm cookie and a glass of milk

    Hope your week is happy!

    • Elizabeth, what a wonderful list! I especially liked “throw your head back laughter.” We all need more of that in our lives — bliss out loud! :) Thanks for commenting — loved it! xo

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