Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries close up

Forrest Gump’s mama once advised him that life was like a box of chocolates.  “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Personally, I like knowing what I’m going to get as far as chocolate is concerned.  Those “maps” tucked into the cover of the box have been known to be wrong from time to time.  (Ever happen to you?)

When my taste buds crave almond toffee caramel, then, by gum, there’d better be an almond toffee caramel in that chocolate-coated morsel!  (None of that “wish I hadn’t taken a bite” regret for this girl, followed by a covert attempt to politely dispose of a half-eaten mystery object… ahem.)

I do have to admit though, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction (aka guilty pleasure) in sampling your way through an entire box of “uncharted chocolates.”

Never mind…

Maybe that’s why I like chocolate covered cherries so much.

You always know what you’re gonna get!

Chocolate covered cherries retouch phase

(For the recipe, please see Veronica’s Cornucopia.)

Thanks, Veronica!

Chocolate covered cherries front and center

As for life?  It’s still “predictably” unpredictable… which is exactly what I expected.  Some days are the same ol’, same ol’ (but sweet, nonetheless), while other days are like biting into the unknown.

Just don’t mess with my box of chocolates!

Enjoying chocolate-covered musings,

~ Kimby

P.S.  This is my “official” Valentine’s Day post.  I’ll be off the grid for the next week (or two) as I absorb the wonder of a songwriting class I signed up for (beginning March 1st) and tickle the ivories at the Oklahoma State Fiddler’s Convention. :)  Stay tuned…literally!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

25 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries

    • Many thanks, Charlie! The only drawback to taking that class is that I can’t eat chocolate and play piano at the same time. ;) Maybe I’ll have to write a song about that… ha! xo

  1. Wow… may I have these beautiful chocolate covered cherries for Valentine’s Day? I make chocolate covered strawberries often, but not cherries. I MUST make these. Pretty and delicious at the same time! YUM!
    By the way, enjoy song writing class! :)

    • Nami, if I could send you some of these, I would — but they keep “disappearing.” ;) Thanks for the good wishes on song writing… always an adventure! Didn’t know if you saw my “tip” in my reply to Shary — these are best made in advance so the centers have time to liquefy. Let me know if you try them!

  2. Yum! Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite…I prefer them over any kind of strange orange nougat (no, really, this happened). A person needs to know what they’re sinking their teeth into!

    • Thanks, Christina — I’m excited about it! There’s always music in my head — figured it was time to write some of it down. :) Happy Valentine’s Day (and wedding day!) to you & your beau!

  3. Shary, I may grumble about “mystery chocolates” but I’ve been known to eat them rather than discarding them (tee hee) — I hear ya on the waistline issue. Just received a hot tip from a friend of a bona fide candy store owner — they made their chocolate covered cherries two months in advance to cure them so the centers got “gooshy.” (FYI, mine weren’t liquified, but they still tasted great!) Truthfully, I’m not sure I could wait that long… :)

  4. Those chocolate covered cherries look fabulous and they’re my husband’s favorite, so I’ll have to check out the recipe. Personally, I don’t mind mystery chocolates because, unfortunately for my waistline, there aren’t any flavors I don’t like. :)

  5. I’m out of the blogging loop so thank you for telling me to check out your post, I would have totally missed the shout-out! I love your chocolate covered cherries and am glad you enjoyed them! I made a ton of them this year, a double batch, and something went horribly wrong and they got all spotty after a couple weeks and it looks too much like mold to eat so they all went in the garbage. Sad, sad times over here-lol! But I did make Turkish Delight so hubby is very happy with me anyway–he always wanted to try it since reading the lion, the witch and the wardrobe (so did I!). Enjoy your class–that sounds fun!

  6. Even w/the map, in my house growing up others would ‘crack’ the piece of chocolate just to make sure, and if it wasn’t what it was or didn’t suit the fancy, then the next person was left w/the tampered chocolate…Whitmans was genius w/that map, alas, some just didn’t use it…oh, well, by gum, sometimes not knowing is the best! Now that I know you love choco covered cherries, I have an idea!! xo

    • Ally, too funny about the “try before you buy” (or bite!) scheme while you were growing up. I always wondered if someone switched my chocolates around for fun (or to aggravate me, ha!), but I never had to contend with “tampered” chocolates! You’re right — the map was a genius idea, but as you know, my life (and chocolates) always seem to be full of surprises. :)

  7. Oh woe is me. I now have another gravatar and your site will not let me post a comment because I do not have the wordpress “password.” Just want you to know I am so sad about that. I don’t know why that happens with some sites but I do know it’s connected to the gravatar because before I added the gravatar to the other email address I was able to comment on your posts, albeit without a “face.” *tee hee*I’m going to share your post on cfb. Stand by. . .The Well-Nourished Woman Inner Circle begins on January 22nd.Are you registered?

    • Sue Ann, look for the tiny little round “icons” next to the comment form and click on “W” for WordPress. I’ve run into the same comment-posting woes lately (not sure why — haven’t changed a thing!), but it should automatically log you in. Your comment came through in spite of it, though — thanks for persisting, and thanks for SHARING — I’m flabbergasted that I was your first FB friend!!! xo

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