Flowergram VI

Flower Series 1

.  .  .

Flower Series 2

.  .  .

Flower Series 3

.  .  .

Flower Series 4

.  .  .

Flower Series Possibilities

.  .  .

Life is a sketch book.

Each day starts with a blank page.

The palette is up to you.


What color are kisses?

My love brought me a banana split bouquet!

Enjoying impromptu affection,

~ Kimby

15 thoughts on “Flowergram VI

    • Nami, thanks so much for your encouraging comments! The “banana split bouquet” was a real banana split sundae my hubby surprised me with instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day (told me the lines at the flower shop were too long, ha!) I thought it was a pretty creative idea. :) Thanks again!

    • Too late, Shirley! :) It was a good ol’ fashioned banana split from the local ice cream shop, which I shared with TMOFW — yummy, but huge! (I don’t eat much ice cream.) Next time I’ll take a picture first!

  1. I agree with you….life is a sketch book and the colours and sketches do keep changing in the life book. Wish you a very happy valentine’s day…you are such a darling!

    Looking forward to your recipes, Kimby!! Have a fantastic day!!!!

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